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Feng Shui Certification

Course In USA

Seats are LIMITED! Only 8 student will be accepted into this specialized Feng Shui Certification Course in Las Vegas, Nevada October 12th -16th, 2017. This Feng Shui Certification Course  is purposely setup with limited seats to ensure every student is given adequate attention to fully comprehend the Feng Shui Certification Course being offered .

This is a RARE and unique Feng Shui Certification course being offered in the USA, first hand from a Lineage Feng Shui Master. This is an opportunity to learn Authentic knowledge of Yang House Feng Shui from Master Alan Chong of Malaysia. This Feng Shui Certification Course  can be used to bring Career Advancement, Good Health, Increased Harmony, and Boost overall Wealth in one’s life. 

Feng Shui is a Chinese Art of harnessing good energy to help improve overall  well-being. Science has in the recent years proven that everything is about energy synchronization and they come in the form of electro-magnetic force. Surprisingly this art was discovered by the Chinese well over 2000 years ago until recently layers of information is  being subsequently proven by science. Ever wonder the secrets of Chinese Business empires?

Feng Shui is to be enjoyed, not to be ritualized or to be stressed by it.