Palmistry is an ancient science of the hand that reveals our fate and destiny as we unfold the mysteries of life. Lines does change and thus palmistry is very dynamic. It is a very detail study and thus why the saying Destiny is in your Hands....Literally Yes!

Palmistry comes from 3 difference sources, Indian, Chinese and Western palmistry. Each has their own system and methodology but however Western palmistry is the most scientific and up to date.

There are 3 different stages in the mastery of palmistry. This class is for Chirogmancy. Others will come as time goes.
Chirognomy is the study of shape and structure of the hand. That includes the back of hands, nails, hand shapes, finger shapes, thumbs and phalanges.

Chirogmancy is the study of line formations on the palmar surface and the markings which interrupt their flow.

Dermatoglyphics - the study includes the study of prints, time factors and hand print analytics.
Real Case Study
A client came to ask for some guidelines on his vocation, he asked the following questions:
  1. Shall I give up my forensic scientist job and go into business now?
  2. The nature of the business is import and export of fruits.
  3. The partner I have in mind in this business is a China professional who has a master in civil engineering and he has been residing in Malaysia for the past 2 years. He is a managing director of a property development and investment company of Chinese government which has dealing in property development in Malaysia.
  4. He is 3 years senior than me, can we become partners?
  5. How far can I go into his business?
  6. Shall I give up my professional examination for registration as a forensic scientist in the coming month and concentrate in my new business venture?
  • To answer question 1, you have to study his lines.
  • To answer question 2, you have to study the hand shapes.
  • To answer question 4, you have to study dermatoglyphics and hand lines.
  • To answer question 5, you have to study his lines, shapes and dermatoglyphics.
  • To answer question 6, you have to study his lines and hand shapes.
  • To answer question 7, you have to study his lines, shapes and dermatoglyphics.
From the above, one can see who important it is to cover all aspects of hand for a complete and successful palm reading. One last important advice, IF the foundation on the knowledge of palmistry is weak, then we become a victim of the maxim, " A little knowledge is dangerous". The answers will be haphazard, incoherent and confusing. - Master Jackie Chin

What Else?
From the lines we can identify: if a person will have focus or big view, ambitious and goal driven, courage and idiocy, easily get tired, psychic nature, have money problems, likes to change jobs, have side business, have celebrity status, sickly, tendency for depression, have marriage issues etc...

Why We Partner with Master Jackie Chin ?
To answer you first you have to understand the values that the School Art of Destiny holds. We always work with genuine masters, genuine is teaching and genuine in knowledge!

Master Jackie is a practicing master. A master who has read no less than 40,000 palms. It is the value of the experience of the teacher that is important. Some theories has passed time but only a practicing master can tell you the latest updates.

We both agree to keep the class small so that every student gets the best learning experience. Thus this class is a maximum of 8 students, first come first serve basis.

Master Jackie has a huge collection of real people palm print that student can benefit from because looking at theory and practically applying it on a real hand is a huge difference. There are so many variations of Head Lines for example. Only and experience master can guide you into the details of palmistry. Imagine, 3 days just on the subject of hand lines!

Master Jackie has also a vast clientele from all over the world and some with very unique personality. This is not an easy achievement if you don't have the substance.

She has authored her maiden book on Palmistry presented very differently from other authors of palmistry. It demonstrate her depth in the study of palmistry. You can read her book first.

So if you are currently stuck in life, come learn palmistry with Master Jackie Chin. - Master Alan Chong Founder of AOD.

Note: Master Jackie Chin's website is

Chirognomy Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Heart line
  • Head line
  • Fate line
  • Life line
  • Apollo line
  • Mercury line
  • Via Lascivia
  • Travel line
  • Mars line

  • Girdle of Venus
  • The Rascette Lines
  • Bow of Intuition
  • Ring of Solomon
  • Ring of Saturn
  • Ring of Apollo
  • Marriage Line
  • Children Line
  • Richard Hand Analysis
  • Simian Line
  • Analysis of Famous Hands

For this class, every student will get a personally autographed book by Master Jackie herself. Don't miss this opportunity.