winds of change

The Truth & Myth in Feng Shui & BaZi

Winds of Change - Reader Reviews

“Read the first 2 pages and already liking it…” – Patrick, Hong Kong

“On the book “Winds”, it’s informative and interesting! Even picked up a few good tips.  

The write up on “Sheng Ji” is particularly informative.  You mentioned on Yin fengshui I.e. Ground burials but, if I may ask, does ashes in urns  in columbariums create qi for the descendants? 
On the whole I did enjoy reading it.  You have done a good job to help dispel some fengshui myths which actually had created some fears and misunderstandings. ” – Ms Chan

“Good Read” – Samantha

“Interesting and Informative” – Victor Ho

“I recommend this book to anyone who cares to learn the basics of feng shui. Specifically, the authors have attempted to dispel the myths held by many laymen with regards to feng shui, thus ensuring that people will practice it correctly. Further more the book contains some interesting anecdotal evidences to support feng shui principles. It is easy reading and non-technical and will appeal to many” – Jenny Kwee

A book that give a brief but concise insights into FengShui and it is a must read for FengShui enthusiast. You wont stop when you have started reading. Get one if you find it on shelves. It will be a collection - Aldrane

Great book. Easy to understand. Compact and concise. I recommend to all.....- Kevin Khong

It's good to read a book for authentic feng shui - Penelope Wilson, UK

The book is a good read for knowledge on feng shui n d various schools. Personally feng shui is actually about living in harmony v strengthen v space cleansing too & placement of furniture as u pointed out v d cashier's till. The practice of Sheng Ji in this age is an eye opener. I very much liked the part on plotting house natal chart. - Christine, Perak.

I really enjoyed the section on Feng Shui - Kymn Lim, S'pore

It's a great book - Ivan Yap, S'pore

The book is good and simple to understand what is true feng shui all about. Hope you can publish more book like this. Some people like me always thinking feng shui or metaphysics is so complicated to understand. You elaborate in such a way very simple, Wind and Water. - Maria.