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for Home Buyers | Business Owners | Feng Shui Enthusiast | Real Estate Agents
This is a 2 days course designed for people who wants to know how to select a house with good feng shui, understand some basics of real feng shui, how to handle annual stars and some simple prediction of a house or office feng shui.

You will learn how to understand what is the Qi in the house & each rooms by using the advance nine grid system. How to decide Facing for houses, condominiums and malls. Learn the correct technique of using luopan (chinese compass) and taking direction. Learn the rightful theory of determining the Period of the house and no more be confused by this.

This course is a simplified course of the practitioner course and is designed mainly for practical purposes for a quick assessment of the quality of a house feng shui and also to build the right foundation on feng shui. It is a very practical course and much of the reasons and derivations of feng shui has been removed to keep the course simple yet practical.

Once you have acquired this knowledge, then you will never need to depend on others for annual updates and you may identify good feng shui properties by yourself whether it is a landed or high rise property.

There will be class case study as well as out door visit to help students take this knowledge and apply straight away onto their current house or office or business. Whether it is dealing with the current house natal chart or Annual energies, one is able to apply this knowledge for life!.

However, this course does not prepare one to be a professional feng shui consultant since aspiring professional should take the route of having a strong feng shui foundation.

It is very suitable for home makers, real estate investors, business owners, architects, interior designers, home buyers who wants a simple and yet practical course to enable them to select a good house and also check out their own house at the macro level. You can also use this knowledge to handle the changing annual energies.

  • Yi Jing foundation
  • The Baguas
  • The Lo Shu
  • Land formations study
  • Purple White 9 Stars
  • Annual Stars
  • Luopan

  • Reading Flying Star Charts
  • Prediction of Stars
  • Activation of Stars
  • Advance 9 Grid system
  • Concept of Taiji Feng Shui system
  • Practical Real Case - The Dragons, The Facing, The Direction & The Waters
  • Outdoor Practical
Course Information:

Duration:   2 Days,  Jan 14-15 2017
Venue: Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time:    10am - 5 pm
Tools :   Pencil, Eraser, Highlighters, Long Ruler and Compass or Luopan (if you have).
MYR1980.00 (Register before 1st Dec and get a free book)
ONLY 10 Seats!

p/s: if you need accommodation, please let me know, I can help to arrange.

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