Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui 玄空六法

In the olden days, the tradition of masters imparting their knowledge of Feng Shui to a follower or disciple was by selecting one of his children or a very close relative. Due to this tradition, it was very difficult for others to have a chance to learn the actual knowledge of Feng Shui.

Nowadays, most of the ‘masters’ are teaching from books that they have read and the interpretations could be very different and sometimes wrong compared to the actual concepts and meanings of the true facts. It is dangerous to learn without guidance from an authentic master.

Master Francis Leyau has had such challenges and experience during his initial time of learning Feng Shui before he met the late Master Sui Beng. In 1983, Master Leyau learned the Liu Fa Feng Shui methods from Master Sui Beng.

Master Sui Beng acquired this knowledge from Master Tan Yang Wu whom learn it from a Taoist Master Lee Chen Xu. Many authors tried to bad name Master Tan Flying Star and accused him of giving up Flying Star. Master Tan did not give up Flying Star, he just realised that Flying Star is not suitable for Yin Feng Shui and that Liu Fa is the correct method for Yin Feng Shui.

This is the best opportunity for you to learn the authenticity of the Liu Fa Feng Shui which Master Leyau has learned from the late Master Sui Beng.

Why Liu Fa?

Liu Fa or also known as 6 Methods is a very potent feng shui method that can be used for both Yin and Yang Zhai. In this sense, it is has additional level of usage compared to other feng shui like 8 Mansion or Flying Star which are only applicable for Yang House. One system fits all. Moreover, as you go through each method or Fa, you will gain deeper understanding the theory of Yin Feng Shui (the original source of Feng Shui) and how it is being applied to Yang Feng Shui.

Knowing Liu Fa also enhances your skills in Flying Star Feng Shui.

Why Learn from CAFS?

GM Francis has the direct lineage from Master Sui Beng and hence has inherited the most purest form of Liu Fa knowledge from Master Tan Yang Wu. Master Sui Beng has proven his Liu Fa method on the temple. You may read more about it in Master Sui Beng article.

There are many who claim to know Liu Fa Method but non has disclosed their source of knowledge. CAFS has both the verbal and written knowledge of Liu Fa. If reading from book can make you a master, think again. A Feng Shui mistake can cause great misfortune to many others.

Enhance your feng shui knowledge, how you decide facing, what is Ai Xing, what is a Xue (Yin/Yang House), how you apply Castle Gate?, what is Golden Dragon? How do you predict and select date using Tai Sui method? How to decide the Sitting and Facing? How to select the Xue or Meridian Spot etc.

In this course, G Master Francis Leyau will personally lead the practical session & show students on the application on Yin and Yang Zhai. So don't miss this chance since Liu Fa is a signature course of Master Leyau and is not taught annually. Feng Shui is a skill based knowledge, thus practical guidance from an experienced field Master is very important.

Grab the opportunity to expose yourself to yin zhai feng shui without having to join a full fledged yin zhai class.

This course is a special request to GM Francis Leyau to teach.


Who Should Attend?

  1. Who is new to Feng Shui.
  2. People who likes a one system that works in both Yin/Yang House.
  3. Who wants to understand Yin Feng Shui and yet not spend too much on this specialize field.
  4. People who wants to improve their well being and someday take it as a serious profession.
  5. If you are interested to upgrade your feng shui skills.
  6. Those who wants to understand land selection.
  7. Greatly enhance your skill level in Xuan Kong System of Feng Shui.


Course Information

Instructor : G.Master Francis Leyau in Melaka, Malaysia

Medium of Instruction : English

Certification: Central Academy of Feng Shui

Enquiry / Registration:

Fengshuimastery@hotmail.my (Subject: Liu Fa)

Accommodation is excluded.