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Art of Destiny Feng Shui school was born out of passion to provide authentic Lineage Feng Shui course to students who aspire to be a reliable and authentic Feng Shui consultant.
Art of Destiny was founded by Master Alan Chong in Kuala lumpur for this humbled purpose to spread authentic lineage San Yuan Feng Shui system such as Flying Star Feng Shui system, Xuan Kong Liu Fa & Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui coursesetc.
Our students comes from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak), Singapore, Italy and Australia, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippine.

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What Have Our Feng Shui Graduates Achieved ?

Art of Destiny is proud to introduce our app in both Android and Apple iOS.

In the App store, just search XUAN KONG FLYING STAR.

There are 2 versions. Lite and Full. Lite is FREE.  It is a very easy to use function, with functions like Orientate for SW/NW/NE/SE charts, Yearly and Month visiting stars as well the ability to save charts.

Good for practitioners, students and beginners too.

Our student after learning and receiving guidance from Master Alan Chong back in Feb 2018, managed to turn around an ailing business into a full house.

If you want to achieve what you could not achieved so far its because you have not gotten the Real Feng Shui knowledge!. Thus your Feng Shui set up is inconsistent, sometimes works and most of the time did not work.

Setup up the Feng Shui Formation, Get the Best Door Angle & Choose the Auspicious Date to start business, all in one to ensure success.

If you are are serious about being a capable Feng Shui consultant, this is the only school for you!

#Real Feng Shui

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Testimonial From Our Student's Recent Feng Shui Course :

I started my journey into Chinese Metaphysics in late Year 2014, taking online lessons from LT and JY. However, there are endless streams of questions and doubts here and there which I am unable to get any answers. Following which, I started officially taking lessons from different Masters starting from Year 2015, which brought me to the world of XKFS, Yi Jing, San He, Qimendunjia etc. I am always been fascinated by XKFS because it is predictive and is able to tell what has happened to members staying in a household. But my understanding in XKFS is always hampered by common problems: Where to take Facing? Did I fly the stars correctly? etc. And the answer to my questions & doubts related to XKFS end in me, finally making a trip up North to Puchong from Singapore to learn from Master Alan.

I learned authentic Wu Chang Pai (無常派) Xuan Kong Flying Stars in a 4 days course recently in Sept 2018 from Master Alan. The course throughout is very interesting and engaging. It strongly reinforces what I know and yet clear up my misunderstandings, questions and doubts. Master Alan is very patient in explaining all the details to us, making sure we all understand what he is teaching. One very imperative plus-point for Master Alan's course is he makes it a point to keep the class size small. This allows him to observe and know how the students are doing, able to answer our questions in depth and the students can ask more questions. Imagine a seminar room of at least 50 students - No way to do that! This shows his passion to ensure the students can learn as much as possible even at his own expense.

In addition, there is also actual outdoor field visit where we get to see why XKFS works: How XKFS shows a place is totally ghost-quiet without business / business has failed and closed shop; How XKFS shows a place is prosperous with many shoppers etc. Every lunch is also interesting as it is also related to Fengshui. Master Alan will bring the students to popular places to eat and yet debunked the myths of bad Fengshui ( Eg. Wind Gap Sha, Peeping Tom Sha, Cutting Feet Water Sha etc. ) at the same time. We are all able to see how the business is so prosperous despite all these so-called bad fengshui.

Overall, this course has been most fulfilling to me and now I am confident to take my Luopan and use XKFS accurately, all thanks to Master Alan! I can't wait to find the chance to go Puchong again next year to study Advance XKFS from him.

- Ivan Yap ( Singapore )

My foray into the Chinese five arts started close to 15 years ago with the Yijing. Back then I was in university overseas and going through a rough period. I stumbled upon a satchel of copper Yijing coins at a stall during a weekend trip to a city flea market. It soon became my beacon of wisdom and solace during those trying times. Even though I was far from an expert practitioner, the imagery and simplicity of the Yi spoke volumes to me, and my curiosity in Chinese metaphysics was piqued.

After this initial experience, it was a period of limbo in pursuit of knowledge in the metaphysical arts. Not helped by the confusing, trend riding and fickle (fecal?) nature of pop culture, DIY, frozen-microwave-dinner-type feng shui perpetuated by the LilyTwos and the JojoYups of the pantheon of Chinese metaphysics super-marketers.

As my quest for knowledge in authentic feng shui progressed, I guess it was a stroke of "luck" that I chanced upon Master Alan's website after a period of research. In fact, I had messaged a few other "masters" prior. Lucky for me - they never replied, but Master Alan did.

The 4-day XKFS course in the Wu Chang lineage was packed full of valuable, practical and powerful solutions, with simple to follow course notes, verbally presented in a logical, manner by Master Alan. The course material was great, but what was of immense value was the verbal interpretation, and explanation of the lineage trade secrets, some of which were truly profound and will not be found written anywhere.

We also had the chance to practice the theory we learned, through the numerous exercises. The final day practical site visits to a few notable feng shui case study venues were truly a fantastic learning experience. It was amazing to practice what we have learnt in person, on site, and to learn about the real stories of these premises.

Master Alan was also kind enough to fetch a few of us students to class, and even took us to lunch and dinner most days and openly shared his experience in feng shui and bazi. The four days passed by with great discussions about Chinese metaphysics.

Our class of students come from various backgrounds and I believe all have some deep desire to improve some area of our lives. Whether you want to take your knowledge deeper or find a practical life solution, I think this course is a great starting point.

Our sages spoke of 1) Destiny 2) Luck 3) Feng Shui 4) Merits 5) Education. Even though our destinies or luck may not be perfect, and mine is far from perfect - I believe that if you are reading this page now, you are at least in a decent enough luck period to be granted an opportunity to study feng shui with Master Alan. You will leave after the four days having learned about 1), 2), 3) and also cultivate number 5), and perhaps if you share this website to worthy readers, that would be fostering number 4).  :-)

Master Alan, thanks for showing us the ropes, and with the grace of the heavens, I do hope to further deepen my knowledge and skills in this art under your tutelage.

LH, Brunei

At Art of Destiny, we do not produce graduates! we produce Future Masters! Read what our graduates have achieved

Apartment Case, House Case.

Why Study with Art of Destiny School?
I can offer you a few tangible reasons based on our experience and feedback from students after the course and months down the road after they have completed the course.

1. We teach proven methods. This is the biggest frustration with many who had study these subjects are they are confusing, don't know how to apply and worst still they are incorrect thus after applying that method, they cause problems to their client and themselves. I once read a student who was once a graduate of a famous school openly confessed that learning from another school he felt he could help his old clients! What does that mean to you? Do you want to be his old client? Think about it deeper. Feng Shui is like being a doctor. A lousy doctor kill maybe a person, A lousy Feng Shui master can kill an entire family fortune.

2. We are practicing masters. The world is ever changing and being in the industry is important for student to have the most updated information and experience from the masters. Some masters are not practitioners themselves and some have retired and thus only based on some of the old experience which could be irrelevant today. Do your homework, do they practice and how many cases have they done with success! Don't Assume!

3. We have our unique way of delivery our courses. Able to do is one thing, able to pass the information to the students is an art that many teachers in this industry is lacking. Thus students are faced with the irony of either a "theoretical master" or an capable master but not a teacher who is able or articulate enough to have both skills. You can read our students words and hear what they have to say because most of our students are not first timers. They have attended some other schools prior. We endeavor to keep the class small (max 10). Obviously we are not commercial oriented because this would not economically profitable but student will benefit more. From experience we know any numbers more than 10 the effectiveness drops.

4. Our courses are practical and unique. Our course book are arranged in such a way it is systematic and good flow. Our notes are just enough and not too burdensome with tick booklets. We have what is important and not confusing students with information that is beating around the bush. Our illustration is clear and practical. Our practical sessions are important because feng shui is a practical study. We have ongoing clients business to show case unlike some schools has no practical sessions or only in house practical which is inadequate. Some schools will not return their next batch students to the same place because the business is no more doing good. The formation only produce placebo effects. It proves only one point, the methodology is deficient! Think again does your teacher even take you out for practical ????

5. Our graduates produce results. This is a fact & if you read around our blogs and other Facebook postings, you will see many results produced by our graduates. Why this is possible? It is a combination of all the above. We even have students seeking for private session with our school, in order not to antagonize my previous teacher because after learning from the school they are still lost. It is not because they are not good, it is just they are not able to transfer the knowledge in an easy, effective and understandable way. Do your homework, how many schools produces capable graduates?

6. Most of all our school fees are very affordable. Deng Xiao Ping once said, "Regardless if it is a white or black cat that catches the mouse, is the effective cat!". More effective, less cost....A wise and practical choice.

So if you are really serious about learning and being a capable practitioner like our other graduates, this is the school of Real Feng Shui.

Student's Feedback 22-7-2015:

My student just send me a message that he presented a case to client and the prediction came through. This is not his first case. He is very happy about it and wanted to share the happy news with me. As a teacher I am happy for him. He is a humble and diligent student.

After the class recently, he decided to implement changes to the house. He was skeptical at first but first after the cure was applied, good things starts to happen. Later as he gained confidence, he changed the door to tap in the Sheng Qi. Again he reported improvements and the wife is progressing in her career.

Next week he is having more cases to do...Good Work! - VH

~ Feng Shui is no magic but Authentic Lineage Feng shui stands the test of time.


Qi Rides The Wind To Disperse But It Retains Upon Water. To Accumulate & Use Sheng Qi and Preventing It From Dispersing, Thus Calling It Feng Shui 风水.

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