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Your search for a reputable Feng Shui Consultant in Malaysia have lead you to this page. Welcome!

What ever is your reason for looking for a Feng Shui Consultant, it may be for your new house, your upcoming office or shops or factory you are in the right place. Your objective of using Feng Shui may be for better wealth, health, a more harmonious family or even better relationship can be realized here.

Many has also failed in their current feng shui because they have fell prey to good advertising or celebrity status. Allow me to explain the A-Z of Feng Shui and Feng Shui Consulting Process.

Feng Shui - The Art of Destiny

Feng Shui is the art discovered by our ancestors to harness the Qi derived from earth and waters to benefit or improve our luck. Earth's Yang Qi comes in the form of mountain Dragons while Yin Qi travels with Waters and Wind thus when they meet and collide they create a complex Qi that reacts with Humans to change their Luck. This is the art we know as Feng Shui.

It works in a very complicated way to affect us and help change our destiny because everything is about energy. The energy manifested by the way the mountains ranges come and move coinciding with the water ways creates a frequency of energy that if properly tapped, channeled and designed can help us improve our Luck energy.

Past Feng Shui Consulting Cases

Real Feng Shui Cases

Here are some compilations of past client's cases and how it was done and what is the result:

  1. Case of South Facing House
  2. A Change in Bed
  3. Mall Under Sha.
  4. Feng Shui A little too late
  5. A Factory Affected by Incompetent Consultant.
  6. House Designed by Celebrity Feng Shui Master Gone Wrong.  and many more in the blog.

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Read what some of our clients have feedback. Although some wish to stay anonymous, those who are willing to share have giving their honest testimony.

How To Choose A Feng Shui Consultant

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Master Alan Chong

At Client's House Warming Party

He has been in the Feng Shui field for almost 10 years. His journey started out learning feng shui from his first teacher where there were no lineage knowledge. He tried on relative and friends house but could not find a conclusive reasons consistently as to why that family or business does well or otherwise.

Until he met his current teacher that his Feng Shui accelerated and was able to find answers to be questions before consistently! This experience has lead to a few important realization.

  1. Feng Shui Lineage is very important.
  2. It is not the fame of the master but his skills, competency and experience.
  3. The guidance of a competent master allows one to gain a lot in the shortest time frame minus the trials and errors.
  4. It is not about getting 3-4 case right out of every 10 cases done. The theory has to be repeatable.

Feng Shui Speaker

He also speaks for corporate companies as well as company functions :

He is also a guest speaker for a Radio Talk in Argentina.

These revelations has resulted in him solving many failed cases and helped his clients recover from setbacks.

He is also a teacher in the subject of Feng Shui under the auspicious of Art of Destiny.

He is also the author of the book Winds of Change - The Myth and Truth in Feng Shui & Bazi. In his book he covers some of the real cases of feng shui.

Master Alan covers both Ancestral and Living Feng Shui Consults. Here are his list:

Living Feng Shui

  1. House Feng Shui & Pre-purchase selection.
  2. Office Feng Shui
  3. Apartment or Condominium Feng Shui ( we are the specialist in this)
  4. Town Development
  5. Factory Feng Shui
  6. Mall Feng Shui

Ancestral Feng Shui

  1. Burial Land Selection
  2. Ancestral Table Feng Shui
  3. Sheng Ji 种生基  & for Chinese Version (中文版)

We believe in reasonable Feng Shui fees so more people can benefit from it. The bonuses we received as a token of appreciation is from the client themselves, we are honored to receive it with a happy heart.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not discuss our customer details with any third parties.

In the event that we wish to use your names for reference purposes, we would seek your permission. Any names of our customer that we might have used for marketing purposes would have received the prior permission of our clients.

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There are many cases of how the situation improved after the corrections are done.

Sheng Ji or Life Grave

Sheng Ji is an ancient technique to help enhance our luck. Some times there is short coming in our destiny and this can be compensated or enhanced using Sheng Ji.

Our methodology is strictly as per Imperial Feng Shui and does not mix with prayers or burning of talisman.