The Genuine Feng Shui School

This school was founded after encouragements from my Sifu(s), clients, students and family. While relatively considered a young being in this field but the accuracy and potency of the audits achieved has been very encouraging.

As Malaysia is opening back to the world after 2 years of pandemic, Art of Destiny is ever ready to receive international students since we truly believe that real Feng Shui has to be in a live class and not via Online.

Welcome to Malaysia! For enquiries please get in touch with us via the contact page.

We are the Xuan Kong Feng Shui Experts. Nobody does it better than us.

While there are many schools and practitioners out in the market, yet we find ourselves unique because AoD courses, training and audits are based on track records. This is only possible with true knowledge inherited from Lineage masters whom themselves have carved out a career in this field themselves.

It is our aim to bring authentic and proven metaphysics studies to students. Being a metaphysic subject, it is vital and important that subject is backed by reputable masters with good track records. At AoD, we carefully select and audit before we invite master to teach. We also diligently monitor quality of courses over time.

School Objective
We create & deliver a system that enables students to put their knowledge into practice effectively.

Master Alan Chong

His journey has been an interesting one since he began his first step into the world of metaphysics. He has always the praise of masters and fellow students. Nonetheless, he credits his success to all his masters for their guidance and encouragements and also the almighty for pointing him to the right masters to acquire these authentic knowledge.

Most of his audit cases were from failed cases before done by other consultants and from here he realized that many are suffering due to wrong understanding and hence application of feng shui. Fake masters causing havoc to people's lives.

Now with many successful cases under his belt, it his resolve to share this to greater audience what is authentic feng shui is all about and continue to reach out to clients who needs his services.

Most of all Master Alan has a passion for teaching & it is his interest to pass on this authentic knowledge of Bazi and Feng Shui down the generations.

He is a practicing feng shui master who is able to share and relate his successful experiences and cases to students.

He is also the co-author of the book "Winds of Change - Myth & Truth of Feng Shui & Bazi"

the school - brief background

Master Alan comes from a lineage of grand masters, primarily the San Yuan system of Feng Shui. Lineage in Chinese Metaphysics is very important because it is a mark of authenticity of knowledge and skills passed down by generations. Simply said, it has passed the test of time. Fake Feng Shui will never be able to keep a good reputation for generations.

Being an active practitioner for many years, he has come across all kinds of Bazi & Feng shui cases and properties ranging from small shops, houses, bungalows, corporate office buildings, malls and even temples, he truly is a hands-on practitioner. Coupled with the various feedback from his clients as well as students, he has now come out with his own new syllabus for Feng shui. The common frustration lamented by students is that during the learning process it was fun but after class the students could not read Bazi or perform Feng shui audit of their own house.

These new courses is the result of years of field experience and teaching. Master Alan has his unique ways of teaching that makes students understand easier because at the center of his heart is to produce able students. Check out the student's remarks after their experience with him in Bazi as well as Feng Shui classes. After all, as a student, this is what really matters at the end of the day.!

Learn authentic knowledge art of Chinese metaphysics from a great teacher.

We may achieve this noble objective because we keep our classes small, our material is well structured and ample examples are given. A small class, although is a little more expensive, it gives ample opportunities for students to ask questions to clear their doubts as well as for Master to check and guide the students.

Lineage is very important in study of Feng Shui. This is because having lineage means you have the oral secrets from the grand masters thus one may understand the complex Chinese classics.

Reading or learning Feng Shui from books is very dangerous, just like a doctor who self study and does trial and error based on a small number of cases.

If you aspire to be a true feng shui consultant or master someday, this is one part that is very important in your quest.

Most celebrity masters will never tell you their masters because they don't have one. Even if they have it, it is  likely another celebrity master behind whom also self learn by reading from books.

What People Say About Master Alan:
Master, I sincerely hope you'll publish more Bazi books in the future. I'll definitely buy your books regardless of the price. Nowadays it's hard to find Masters with genuine substance and whose services are priced reasonably and affordably. There are a lot of high-profile, celebrity-like Chinese Metaphysicians out there who charge exorbitant prices but whose accuracy I highly doubt. Popularity is no guarantee for accuracy. - Leong