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  • The objective of this course is to introduce Feng Shui to enthusiast who have little or no knowledge in Feng Shui.
  • However, the aim is to focus on in particular the most simple and popular method 8 mansion Feng Shui.
  • This is one of the oldest Feng Shui method that was modified from the 9 stars method and mixed with other system to make it into a simple version to be given out to vassal states.
  • Going through this academic exercise will help you understand Feng Shui from different perspective as well understanding what is this popular 8 Mansion system all about because even within this stream there are 2 versions that are practiced even though they are derived from the same classics of the Ba Zhai Ming Jing.
  • Through this course, you will also learn some basic concepts and terminology of Feng Shui in general.
  • Going through this course, you will understand better the principles of authentic Feng Shui. This it self is worth a lot because it gives you the right perspective and clarity.
  • Serves as an entry level course for most student to familiarize themselves before going to the more advance level.
  • Very suitable for Art of Destiny graduates who wants to understand what is 8 Mansion system is all about that everyone is speaking off.

Note: This course is not to make you a Feng Shui Consultant nor encouraging you to apply 8 mansion system.
How It Will Be Conducted?
  • This will be an ONLINE version via Facebook secret group.
  • Some basic notes will be provided but students will have to take their own notes.
  • Certifications upon request and will be emailed. Postage will be charged accordingly.
Topics To Be Discussed or Covered:
  1. History of Feng Shui & 8 Mansion
  2. The various schools of Feng Shui & Why 8 Mansion is San He and not San Yuan system.
  3. Fundamentals - Bagua | 5 Elements| 9 stars
  4. Basic land forms terminology and why are they given the names.
  5. 8 Rambling Stars
  6. 8 Houses & 2 methods of Demarcation
  7. East Group and West Group
  8. Measuring the Facing of a property.
  9. Discussion of 2 Variations of 8 Mansion system.
  10. Fundamental cures according to Ba Zhai Ming Jing classics.
  11. The 3 Important Features of Yang Feng Shui.
  12. The real theory and application of the 8 Mansion system to have a more accurate reading.
  13. Example of application from the Traditional point of view in 8 Mansion System.
  14. Academic discussion on the usability & reliability of this system.
Other Information:

Price: RM580 (Public Bank Transfer within Malaysia or via Transferwire) or RM 610 ( via Paypal/Credit Cards)
(please fill up the form below and we will send to the payment details. Transferwise (now known as WISE) needs about 3-4 working days.)

After successful payment, please let us know via email fengshuimastery@hotmail.my and we will add you into the Facebook Group for learning. Thus, a Facebook Account is REQUIRED.

After you send the Registration Form below, we will reply to you (email or whatsapp) within 24 hours.

What Did Past Participants Says:

I enjoyed Master Alan's Feng Shui 8 Mansion course. In it, he gives historical background and market research understanding, which added flavour to what I knew but felt confused about especially the buying of fortune goods, especially if a stone can change my life? With that conviction I sought help from masters and even with the "best fengshui" route and everything, things did not work out the way i wanted to. With the 8 mansion case study which he offered to do in class, it was so simple and clear! Nothing of extreme complication and i reemphasize, simple and clear instructions which gave me insight to why my career is good but frustrating! Thank you, and I look forward to more classes and staying in a house with better harmony with my family in future ?
Clara, S'pore

Recently attended Sifu Alan Chong's 8 Mansion Feng Shui online class. Although I have been a long term student of Sifu Alan in his other classes, this is the first time I attended his Feng Shui course. The class is run in typical Sifu Alan Chong's trademark style. Starting with dispelling the myths and misconceptions in the art, then to basics and then building up to the finale with real knowledge. The course has been marketed as elementary/introductory but the content and outcome is anything but elementary/basics.

By the end of the course, students are equipped with tools/knowledge to make their own basic feng shui assessment with good confidence. The materials are very straight forward voided of any flowery and unnecessary words and concepts. You can tell a lot of thoughts and efforts has been put in to ensure a positive outcome for his students. . I am looking forward to his next 8 Mansion class and I am sure I will not be the only one :) - G.C, Australia

A good mini course providing an overview of the 8 Mansions Feng Shui system, including it's history, debunking of Feng Shui Myths and interpretation of the 8 Mansions Clear Mirror Classics. - Kenny, S'pore

Thanks for sharing with us this 8 mansion FS online course. we can understand history of Feng Shui and application of 8 mansion Feng Shui in our daily life with several case studies. Highly appreciate for this short but yet exciting mini course. - Kosim, Indonesia

I have attended numerous seminars on Feng Shui and Bazi and Master Alan is by far the easiest to follow and understand. He has a fun way of explaining his lectures which makes his lessons easy to remember!. I look forward to your future lectures! More power! - Mari, Philippines.

If you want direct and uncontaminated education in feng shui and bazi, master Alan is the answer! the education is real. - Evelyn, Philippines.

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