Every student without fail will ask what is the next natural progression after you have acquired Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Knowledge? One of the natural progression is the Date Selection Module. Here’s why?

Before I begin, one ought to know that there are many date selection systems in the world. Most of you would have heard about the Dong Gong System, the 12 Officer System, the Great Sun Formula, the Shen Sha (Gods & Killings), the Qi Men Dun Jia system and of course the Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) system.

So which system should one use? Well it depends but for feng shui purposes, then you will need the integrate the 3 important factors of Heaven, Earth and Man. This is important but I will try to put it into layman perspective to help you understand.

  Why Feng Shui Formation Did Not Work?

Heaven is the timing or the date, Earth is our Feng Shui and Man is us. When this 3 factors are in unity, then the desired results will be obtained. This is the main reason why many who practices Feng Shui or other Date Selection methods but do not always get the desired results. If either component is missing, your solution will not perform well. Just like a car with flat tyres.

Secondly is a wrong date selected. This particularly true when you use Dong Gong or other date selection system. These are not suitable for feng shui activation.

Third reason why one do not get the desired result, is due to the wrong system applied. You see, Feng Shui is a complete system in oneness. So it does not work on the logic the more the merrier. It is more like a key and lock system. The right key to match the lock then only will the door opens.

So after you have acquired the Xuan Kong Flying Star system, then with the XKDG Date selection method to match a good date, then the system will work in unison and perfect synchronization. With this only you will find a system that works and works in a seamless way all the time.

If you do not use a correct Date Selection system few things may happen. Your Feng Shui formation is working under par, after you applied the wrong system problems happens as soon as you implement your feng shui formation or the better of them all is, nothing much happens.

Any date selection system that do not fulfill the Unison Factor of Heaven, Earth and Man will not produce good results not to mention things can go wrong.

  How important is Xuan Kong Date Selection?

One of the key component of XKDG system is the 64 Hexagram.

In this course, you will learn how to plot the Ba Zi (Four Pillars) of a day. The year, month, day and hour pillars of the day will be transcribed in the form of hexagrams. Each hexagram has the ‘element number’ and ‘period number’. The purpose is to use them in selecting the auspicious date for moving into a new house, opening of new business, renovation, activating water features and to get immediate results.

The application of Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection method will assist us in taking advantage of time and space to enhance prosperous, harmonious and healthy living.

Knowing XKDG Date Selection helps you boost the strength of your feng shui formation. Helps you avoid the bad events, unnecessary problems and speed up of your results.

XKDG is the authentic Date Selection Method, not Dong Gong, Not Tong Shu, Not 28 constellations. It is one complete date selection system that integrates Heaven, Man and House.

Then there are few versions of XKDG Date Selection method each prescribing a slightly different way or understanding. Our system has withstand the test of time since Master Leyau has already 40 years of Feng Shui experience and with the track record, you will know which system gives the results and which one is inconsistent result.

  Course Structure – The Complete XKDG Date Selection

1.           Formation of the 64 Xuan Kong Da Gua

2.           Xuan Kong Wu Xing

3.           Xuan Kong Gua Yun

4.           How to read Xuan Kong Da Gua and Xuan Kong Gua Yun on the Luo Pan

5.           How to plot the Ba Zi of a day using the Xuan Kong Da Gua calendar

6.           The combination of Xuan Kong Wu Xing Ten Formation

7.           The combination of Xuan Kong Wu Xing He Tu Formation

8.           The Pure Xuan Kong Wu Xing Formation

9.           The productive and control cycle in the Xuan Kong Wu Xing

10.        Choose an auspicious day based on the Direction on the Luo Pan

11.        The combination of Xuan Kong Gua Yun Ten Formation

12.        The combination of Xuan Kong Gua Yun Reverse Formation

13.        The Pure Xuan Kong Gua Yun Formation

14.           How to differentiate San Sha, Wu Wang, Sui Po on the Luo Pan

15.           What is an auspicious San Sha day?

16.           What is an inauspicious San Sha day?

17.           How we can choose a safe San Sha day to enhance immediate effect?

18.           The relationship of Xuan Kong Da Gua between Men, Earth and Heaven Qi

19.           Day for moving stove, renovation

20.           Day for opening of business

21.           Day for an immediate effect

22.           How to choose an auspicious day for the year 2015

23.           How to apply the Xuan Kong Gua Yun for the correct timing.

24.           Bonus : The Great Sun Formula and it's application.

In  a nutshell, Xuan Kong Date Selection is the access key to integrate the Heaven Qi and the Earth Qi to enhance the Human Qi to obtain results in the practice of San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

 Here is a real case done on a client whom has requested me not to disclose.

This client is a public listed company whom had ventured into property development as part of their diversification plan. The old show room had problems attracting walk in viewers not to mention customer. After the feng shui audit, a date was selected for the re-opening of the show room. The re-opened show room had very good response to the point they have to limit the promotion since they were listed as a different section of the market and property development is their second business so to speak.

Thus when a proper date is selected, results comes fast and good. This is just one of the many cases when a good date is selected.

Here is what our student have said after learning and applied it:

Since I first found out about Master Alan I knew I had to learn from him if I wanted to take my Feng Shui knowledge to the next (and a better) level. As soon as I got that chance, I flew directly to Malaysia to studied not only Flying Stars but also Date Selection. Even though I had never learned Date Selection during my 3 year Feng Shui course here in my country, I knew that this was a key element to my studies and practice.

During the course I was in touch with a colleague of mine (from my 3 year course) who also wanted to attend Master Alan’s courses but was not able to do it at that time. In one of our conversations he told me that a few months earlier he was starting to build a pool in the backyard of his house but then had to stop it. He said that as soon as he started to dig the hole some problems started to arise in his personal life, which led him to think that he probably shouldn’t been doing this. He knew about the dangers of doing a major renovation in a 5 yellow sector and that’s why he was telling me that story. However, after finishing the course I realized that his problem had nothing to do with the 5 yellow star but rather with the time that he chose to start digging it. He thought that his problems arose because he was building the pool in a sector that had the 5 yellow star for that year (a wrong knowledge many have), but in fact the reason proved to be something else.

After finishing my two courses with Master Alan, I came back to my country and decided to do some renovations in my room according to what I had learned in the Flying Star course. I also chose the best date possible according to the time I had available, since I wanted to do things as soon as possible. Alan had told me that when we choose a good date things go very smoothly and without any problems. And that’s exactly how everything turned out to be for me! The renovations ended much sooner than they were planned and I had no unpleasant surprises like sometimes happen, especially with the budget. As for my friend, I also gave him a new date to start his renovations, and guess what? Nothing bad happened! ;)

Thank you for teaching us the correct knowledge Master Alan!

Rachel - Europe

Here is a real feedback from a real case:

Due to the contractor not able to 100% complete the job, they moved in on an auspicious date and organized a simple soft launch.

Guess what, they got unexpected sales and cash in on an auspicious date!

Coincidence? Its the good energy that assisted in better business results!

You may read more cases from our blog.

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