81 combination of xuan kong

In Xuan Kong system specifically Flying Star system, a very potent Feng Shui of the San Yuan system relies on the 81 combination to predict events that will happen in the house or office which ever setting it may be.

The predictive method comes mainly from a few Classics of Xuan Kong namely:
  1. Xuan Ji Fu 玄机赋
  2. Purple White Script (Zi Bai Jue) 紫白诀
  3. Fei Xing Fu 飞星赋
  4. Xuan Kong Mi Zi 玄空秘旨

A good grasp of this 81 combinations allows us to understand the type of energy we are setting or that is prevalent in a property. Just like how I have predicted events even it happens so we my take preventive measures. Those who did not act saw with their own disbelief how issues have unfolded.

  1. Basic Yi Jing to related to things, people, health and events.
  2. 5 elements prediction method.
  3. 9 stars characters and system.
  4. 64 Hexagram styled predictive method.
  5. Understanding the architecture of the Flying Star system.
  6. 81 combination related to 4 classics in application.


Have completed Xuan Kong Flying Star from Art of Destiny or Central Academy of Feng Shui.

This course is delivered in English over 2 days.
Time is 10am to 5pm daily.

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