Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui

This course is for those who wanted to widen and deepen their knowledge and skills in the study of 81 combinations in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui.

In this course, we will explain with detailed analysis of  these feng shui proverbial based on chosen case studies from the diary of our late GrandMaster Yen Pen.

  1. You have completed the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui course from Art of Destiny.
This is an advanced flying star course, you must meet the above requirements to attend.

For many years, many Feng Shui Practitioners and Masters are trying to unlock these hidden secrets in the case studies that were recorded in Master Yen Pen’s books written in the old Chinese classic text, but many could not interpret and explain the terms fully nor accurately. During this course, you will be given the ‘key’ to unlock the hidden secrets in the case studies in order to fully comprehend the true theories and methods in the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui before putting them into practice.

The case studies was a collection of case observed and done by our late Grand Master Yen Pen 演本法师. Master Alan has learn this skills from 2 teacher and one of it is the direct student of Yen Pen. Thus not many knows how to use the altar to produce good results in Feng Shui. Coupled with the fact that Master is an active practitioner, he has used these theory with success with the clients.

Chinese are very practical people just like what Deng Xiao Ping has said : "It does not matter if the cat is Black or White, so long as it catches mice." Thus if you are looking for a teacher who can effectively transfer the knowledge to you, Art of Destiny is the school.

This course will enable you to take your Xuan Kong Flying Star to the next level. The information and knowledge you are going to learn will guarantee you to have a complete understanding and skills on how to do audits and apply the remedies using the Flying Stars. Upon completion of this course, your Flying Star knowledge and skills will ‘almost’ be equivalent to the Grandmaster’s.

  What you will learn from the course:

    - Understanding the theory of referencing the Qi from an object.
    - Diverting of the Qi in determination of the cause.
    - Actual calculations of the Xuan Kong time factor in determination the time of happening.
    - Actual understanding of a person's life Gua for interactions with flying stars.
    - Understand the House's Gua for interaction with flying stars.
    - Predication of Tai Sui on events happened.
    - Predication of Flying Star Feng Shui resulting good or bad effects on the people.
    - Real examples of landforms and movement circulations in supporting the theory of Flying Stars Feng Shui.
    - Comparing Incoming road and Out going road.
    - 9 stars to the place of incident.
    - In-depth understanding of Classical Remedies.
    - In-depth study of house elements relating to the 9 stars.
    - Meaning of taping in good Qi by location and direction.
    - The meaning of harmonizing the stars.
    - Meaning of producing in or out and transformation of 9 stars.
    - The effect of "auspicious" external wind.
    - The significance of good house formation.
    - Direct effect of 9 stars to the house and its occupants.
    - The correct method to remedy 2,5 and 7 .
    - Actual interpretation of Master Yen Ben Poem from his case studies.
    - All the examples were clearly documented by Master Yen Ben in his own diary but by his own understanding, which will require a master from the same lineage and also an active practitioner to understand the underlying concepts and applications.
    - You will learn the ability to understand and reason Master Yen Ben actual theories.

  Why This Course So Important to You as a Consultant?

For several reason this course is very important. Often student after completing their Flying Star will ask me "Sifu what is the next progression?" I would always say Advance Flying Star. Why? It's no point you know how to select a good date but your solution is flawed!  There are other aspects or advance theories that has a profound effect on your house formation. I qoute you an real case below.

Secondly, it improves your ability to predict a house and conclude with confidence why it is good or bad.

Thirdly, those who tell me they can learn from the book has not succeeded. The reason is because of the oral part of the knowledge is not available to them. This is also reinforce by the fact we are the practicing students of our Grand masters and we have confidently proven this case.

  Advanced Flying Star Course Structure:

  1. Case Studies on houses seen by Master Yen Ben where residents caught illnesses and were unable to recover due to poor Feng Shui layout.
  2. Recommendations done to the house and factory by Master Yen Ben on various encounters thus resulting good immediate results. 
  3. Numerous examples of poor bed and door positioning resulted in contacting infectious disease.
  4. Cases on how business owners prosper tremendously due to good feng shui.
  5. Cases on why businesses still failed even though with good Feng Shui.
  6. Cases on misfortune happened to families living under one roof.
  7. Examples of Master Yen Ben good understandings of the Old Classics texts, which enable him to unravel the true Feng Shui applications.
  8. All the real case studies will enable you to apprehend and to learn the meaning of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to the utmost.
  9. Additional cases from Master Alan's consulting experience how these theories applied with success in modern days and cases from his book Winds of Change - Myth and Truth in Feng Shui.
A Real Office Case in Malaysia.

This is an Office and the owner has progressed well in the business. The main door is at the center of the office which is having an 8 2 door.

Furthermore, it is classified as a Fu Yin House. (Sit Gen Face Kun)

Many practitioner could not understand why the business is progressing with 8 2 door because a facing 2 door is bad for wealth. They conclude that probably Alan was lucky or the Bazi of his client is good.

Speculate what ever one wishes but such is the knowledge of Advance Flying Star.

Why Wait? Time is the essence. Once a person to me how he wish the daughter has pass university. I told him, everything needs time to grow, some times we cannot force it and the opposite outcome will happen. This is the law of Yin-Yang. Thus the earlier you learn, the more cases you have a chance to study and help. A capable consultant or master is not made in a week.

About 1200 years ago, master Yang Yun Sung said " succeed or not to succeed, is in the hands of the Master".

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This being the 2nd class with you Alan, and I have to be frank that I was a little sceptic that there are still things that I can pick up on the advance Flying Stars class, in view that the basic class is already info packed. I cast my doubts aside the moment we went through the 1st case, and I remain awestruck throughout the 2 days class, loaded with more knowledge and confidence. You did really well in guiding us to peel the layers of information and I am looking forward to the next class.

Another plus point is the class is small thus, adequate attention can be given to ensure everyone is of the same speed and clear of any confusion. 

See you soon. - Wong KP

Dear my master Alan.
Your Feng shui flying star course was really easy to grasp, the way you explained to us was structurally prepared beforehand with every keys words being going through step by step. Your teaching style was superb and by far the best for me. You were more than teacher in the class, I have learned with you so many aspects of Feng shui. I am sure that if I am attending other course elsewhere, they will avoid telling us about other side of Feng shui. Feng shui is something that everyone can do, but DIY method is dangerous for yourself and other people. Since your suggestion may lead to disaster if other people listen you. I would strongly recommend you guys to attend his authentic Feng shui class as it will provide you with great and accurate method of applying Feng shui. Furthermore, extra practical day is recommended as well, it would be time for you to gain real Feng shui experiences. You would be able to apply theories in practice. Lastly,excellent course with beautiful mind master....see you in other courses for sure...

Banlusak (Laos .P.D.R)

Advance Flying Star