Find your desired Feng Shui course(s) here in this page. All courses are held in Malaysia and backed by proven knowledge. This is important because a lousy doctor will kill a patient but a lousy Feng Shui master can kill the entire generation. This is to emphasize the importance of acquiring true knowledge.

Whether your learning objective is for wealth or health, Feng Shui plays an important role in enhancing our quality of life. Thus acquiring true lineage knowledge is important if you want to really tap the long term benefits of having good Feng Shui for your house or business. Our students come from all over the world to enroll in our Feng Shui courses from Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Italy and many other Asian countries. So get your Feng shui Practitioner certification here. Read what our graduates have achieved below.

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Heavenly Treasure is not for commoners, to hide the misfortune to descendants, the script has not words written, only transfer orally.

Upcoming Feng Shui Courses

Note: If you are interested to organize a group class, please email us.
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Date: 28 April to 1 May 2023    Time: 10am - 5pm  

Location: Kuala Lumpur / Bukit Puchong To be decided

Tuition Fees: email   

Instructor: Master Alan Chong      Note: To know more about the course, just click on the icon on the left.
New Syllabus & Certification by Art of Destiny. #Realfengshui
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Bazi Astrology INTERMEDIATE 2 八字

Date: ---- 2022     Time: 10AM - 4PM daily

Location: Puchong Office

Tuition Fees: RM---    

Registration closes by

Instructor: Master Alan       Note: Enquire via below form    For Bazi you can visit

AOD Certification

xuan kong da gua feng shui 玄空大卦風水

Date: 27-30 May 2022       Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: KL, Bukit Puchong.

Tuition Fees: RM--- (including site visit transport)  Bring along 3 colors highlighter + long ruler. 

Registration closes by - . 

Instructor: Master Alan       Note: Enquire via below form



Date : 28-31 July 2022  (10am to 5pm)

In Bukit Puchong Class.


Date: September 2022 (Online)    Time: 10:30am Kuala Lumpur Time     (Online class in - email us)

Location: Google Meet

Tuition Fees: RM---

Registration closes by May 3rd 2020.

Instructor: Master Alan      
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Feng Shui Date selection System (san Yuan)

Date:  4 & 5 Sept 2022 (Sun/Mon)     Time: -

Location:  Bukit Puchong, Kuala Lumpur  - details in the link here.

Tuition Fees: RM---

Registration closes by : 27 August

Instructor: Master Alan       Note: New Enhanced Learning Experience with Art of Destiny

8 Mansion Feng Shui Course (ba zhai)

Date:  Anytime one can start      Level :  Basic - Academic Learning

Location: Facebook, Online

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About Bukit Puchong

Puchong is a happening place in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty of amenities and wide range of hotels available. There is also LRT services making highly accessible from any part of KL.

It is about 45mins from KL International Airport.