Plum Blossom Divination



What Is Plum Blossom Divination ?

It is one of the method to ask about a doubt we have in mind. Using the art of Yi Jing 易经 is to seek a divine answer to the questions we have in mind but just could not figure out the answer by logic or available facts. We may have a destiny read by Bazi but for the minor or more finesse, divination is the method recommended. Thus why in the Chinese 5 arts, Divination is one of them. Even Date selection was not classified in any of the five arts.

As we know in this universe, Change is the only Constant giving rise to uncertainties and is represented by this Chinese word 易. Thus YiJing 易经 is known as a study to understanding and predicting changes. How do we better equip ourselves to embrace or anticipate the changes? Plum blossom is one of the method!. There are many ways to cast or divine for the answer. In this first class of Plum Blossom Divination, students will be taught the basics of YiJing with details below and how to interpret the answers.

Compared to other methods of Divination such as QiMenDunJia, Plum Blossom is much easier to learn and apply. We do not need a Qimen calendar which is cumbersome to carry about and expensive to purchase. With Plum Blossom Divination method, you can just divine using a date, a number, name,time, a ruler, cards, just about anything. In advance classes we merely use an image.

How is PB Divination different from Bazi Astrology?

Since they are classified under different arts many may get confused as usual. Let me give you an example to understand the difference between Astrology and Divination. For example, in the US Presidential election, from the Bazi of the 2 candidates we can predict the likely winner to be the next President but what if you want to know who will control the Senate or the House? This is where Divination becomes useful because we cannot use Bazi to answer this 2 questions.

Another example that is very common error is to use the Year BaZi at LiChun to predict events. PBD is a more suitable tool to do so. I still remember I did a talk some years ago prediction the movement for Property market. PB did a spot on prediction that second half year will see better results and that Large properties such as high rise will do better. The owner then focused on this sector and did very well that year despite property market is sluggish overall.

Furthermore, no animals are hurt while acquiring this ancient knowledge because we do not need a Turtle Shell to do a casting! VEGAN CERTIFIED!

So you see, these are 2 complimentary arts & if you want to be an all rounder Chinese Meta-physician, this is an worthy art to pick up because it is accurate and yet simple and easy to use.

  1. Introduction to PBD
  2. Foundation of 8 gua, 5 elements etc.
  3. Understanding Solar system that evoke the changes.
  4. Nine Casting methods to generate the Hexagrams.
  5. Asking Questions - setting up the scenario.
  6. Understanding the lingo, framework & ground rules of Plum Blossom Divination.
  7. When to Void the Divination?
  8. Casting for others vs Casting for self rules.
  9. Interpretation & Application of Plum Blossom Divination.
Why Learn From Art of Destiny?

In any subject you learn, the teacher plays a very important role. The methodology is also very important. We have a Bazi student who learned Divination from 3 different masters could not get her prediction correct. One day she asked Master Alan why and upon questioning, Master saw one reason was her way of asking question for the Divination. How could such a simple matter made the difference? Well in life, the simplest things are the most often overlooked and also the most important parts.

She went back and practice and looked what she got?

No prior experience required. The course is conducted in English, No Chinese language proficiency required, just an added advantage.

Just completed the Plum blossom divination course with Master Alan. Another knowledge packed and fun filled learning experience. Like his other courses, Master Alan presented and makes a complicated subject looks easy. The PBD course is well structured and easy to follow devoid of flowery, motivational and mystical languages/terms. I highly recommend Master Alan to anyone interested in learning Chinese Metaphysics arts. Looking forward to the next course.

G.C, Australia

As expected of Alan's classes. I was in his Basic Feng Shui Class and already impressed with his way of teaching, very systematic and logical as well as fun. He also makes sure the students understand and are doing well by checking on us every now and then.

The Plum Blossom Divination class was nothing different. At first I was a bit in doubt, as the word divination sounded elusive to me. After a bit of probing, I decided to join. And I am glad I did! It was great! Even with my 101 Chinese, I could follow the topics well. 

One key element that Alan has in his classes is practicality, all of the materials he gives are applicable and you can practice it even when you are only at a basic level. 

In short, it is a great opportunity for me to get to know him and join his classes. I hope more people who are interested in Chinese metaphysics will have it as well because it is truly an eye-opener.

Mei, Indonesia

I have done my self study on plum blossom divination before but decided to enroll for this course, to further my understanding and to obtain verbal teaching from a practicing master. 

As usual, Master Alan has a way of teaching concepts in a step by step way, easy to understand, and peppered with real life examples. It was an enjoyable course and we all learned a lot of immediately usable tools. 

Looking forward to applying the skills and further my development in this subject.

A highly recommended course. 

CH, Brunei

I joined Alan’s PBD for the first time and it was a wonderful 2-day learning for a newbie like me. Alan’s method of teaching is good old-school method, none of the fancy software but just pure common-sense reasoning and logic, which makes the learning practical and mind-sticky. Thanks Alan and looking forward to your next class” ...

PC,Kuala Lumpur

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  1. It will be via Google Meet. For this you need a gmail account.
  2. It will be conducted at 8.30pm (about 1-1.5 hour/class) Kuala Lumpur time every Monday, Wednesday & Friday night till class ends. If you are from different time zone, then we can use another time slot but this needs to be discussed case to case basis.
  3. The link will be emailed or posted in a Facebook Group.
  4. Questions can be asked via email, during next class or in the Facebook Group.
  5. Payment via Public Bank Transfer, Paypal or Transferwise.