Chinese & Flying star CALENDAR

Chinese has 2 types of calendar and it is important to understand why and which to use, the pros and cons of it. Understanding this is very important in any Chinese metaphysics subject you undertake from BaZi, Feng Shui to Qi Men Dun Jia.

Flying Star Feng Shui emphasize a lot on the movement of the 9 stars as a way of not only predicting events that will happen in the house, it is also to understand the auspicious and in-auspiciousness of a house, office, factory, mall, temple and so on.

In the Flying Star Feng Shui system, the movement of stars can affect the events happening and this can be broken down to the Year, Month, Day and Hour Stars. The stars move in different patterns depending on the seasons. Once you are able to fully comprehend the stars patterns at a given period, you are able to predict the good and bad outcomes of a property.

Why Learn ?
Of course, why do we need to crack our head to figure it out, wouldn't it be easier to download an app or buy a calendar ? Well, to be a true practitioner, one should have a solid understanding of the subject matter. The best way is to understand why the stars move in different patterns at different times and what are the implications on the Feng Shui of a property.

Furthermore, the Chinese chose the Solar Calendar over Lunar Calendar for Feng Shui purposes but why? What is the reason behind and how it affects our property Feng Shui?

Do you know why Autumn is given the Metal element and why is Metal White and not other colors?

Finally, Software may have errors, printed calendar too may have errors as one of my student have pointed out to an error found in the calendar he purchased and not many calendars are available to tell the stars to the hour. Do you want to read how the hourly stars affect a property Feng Shui? Click this link....

Who Should Learn?
  1. Flying Star Feng Shui Enthusiast and Serious practitioners.
  2. 9 Star Ki practitioners
  3. BaZi / Date Selection practitioners

Benefits of Learning
If you like predicting events this is a course you need to attend. Once I told my client the good news will come in a particular day and hour, she was shocked at it, the HR department message her about her promotion being confirmed! Or how fire broke out in the Mid Valley Mega mall etc.

Master Alan has systematically laid out the syllabus to teach students how they can derive the Yearly stars from the Period and down to the Month, Day and Hour Flying stars.

In the above example, the stars from 2 different apps on the same date gives different results. Both returns a result of YEAR | MONTH | DAY | HOUR of 9,6,6,6 as the center numbers but the flying directions of the stars are different resulting in different charts! Which is the correct chart or bother are also wrong ?
Course Information

  • Introduction
  • Solar and Lunar Calendar Systems
  • Seasons & 24 Sub-Seasons
  • Yearly Flying Stars
  • Monthly Flying Stars
  • Daily Flying Stars
  • Hourly Flying Stars

Medium of Instruction : English
Duration: 1 day
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Teacher : Master Alan