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Abridge Version

What Is It About?

This Abridge module is specially designed for those who wants to understand what Real Lineage Feng Shui is, acquire knowledge on Yi Jing, Learn how to find a good house or office, understand land formations better, simple Date Selection, be able to handle the Annual energy changes, perform Feng shui arrangements for the Bed, Table and Stove. Students will learn the some ways how to remedy the house Feng Shui or Sha Energy.

Some overview of other Feng Shui methods and Sight Seeing on the last day to see how one can apply the knowledge. Clear yourself from all the common myths that really suck up your life. Understand from the Real Feng Shui point of view why they are myth and they will be shown living proves!. Free your self from the misconceptions.

Yet at the end of the day, the student have no intention to be Professional Practitioner. This course saves the student money and yet adequate for the student to acquire sufficient knowledge to handle student's own house Feng Shui and the yearly changes.

Syllabus Overview

Here are the main concepts outlined. Within are the sub-modules.

  1. Yi Jing Fundamentals
  2. 4 Core Theories of Feng Shui
  3. Land Forms Study
  4. 9 Stars system
  5. Application Theories of Xuan Kong Flying Star
  6. Date Selection For House
  7. Annual Energy & Remedies
  8. Luopan Theories & How To Properly Use It.
  9. How To Feng Shui Your House Step by Step
  10. Various Schools of Feng Shui & Their Core Theories
  11. Common Feng Shui Myths & The Underlying Truths
  12. Case Studies
  13. Site Visits

# Students are advised to have a Luopan or Geomancy Compass.

Suitable For Me?

It is suitable for those with little or without Feng Shui Knowledge to learn some good skills for life without the intention of being a practitioner. If one changes their mind then they may opt to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the future with the full course. This module is designed by Master Alan and very scalable and easy transferable. Master Alan has been teaching since 2012 and is known among his students to be an effective teacher. Our graduates have proven themselves through the results.


If you are interested to learn our lineage knowledge to gain true understanding of Feng Shui, join this 4 days course. Location in Puchong, Selangor. You will never regret it as it will help you along your life. Remember Change Your Energy, Change Your Life.

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Feng Shui Abridge Module