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Managing Annual Feng Shui Energies.

Flying Star Feng Shui has existed throughout many dynasties and it continues to be popular in the world today. The very simple reason is because it works!!!.

Flying Star system is one of the best and most effective feng shui system for the living. it is based on the 9 stars system of the North Ladle of our Solar system. It goes without saying that feng shui can uplift our life's or give us many headaches regardless of one's religious belief. You may read a real case here.

Our grand masters have found out a system that allows people to predict the level of auspiciousness by understanding it's character and pattern of movements and with that they created the flying star feng shui system. Unfortunately, as feng shui gets diluted and spread to the commoners, this has resulted in the birth of many versions of flying star but not all system are accurate due to lacking in the lineage to support their theories.

This is an elective course where it is designed for non-practitioners who wants to be independently be able to handle the changes in the annual/monthly energies themselves without having to go through the entire elaborate feng shui course which are meant for aspiring practitioners.

What You Will Learn Here?
You will get to learn how to manage the yearly & monthly changing energies that comes in order to maximize the good auspicious energies in your house. With this knowledge you are independent to implement them for the rest of your life! No more dependent on others for advice, no more paying exorbitant fees or having to the hassle of making appointments with the feng shui consultant. The better part is that you only pay 1 time the fee but able to implement the changes for as many properties that you may have for as long you breath.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Basic theories
  • Anatomy of the 9 Stars
  • Annual Stars Pattern
  • Monthly Stars Pattern
  • Grand Duke (Tai Sui)
  • Year Breaker (Sui Po)
  • 3 Destruction (San Sha)
  • Locate them in your house plan.
  • Solutions and Cures

The Teacher
This class is personally taught by Master Alan Chong who is a practicing feng shui consultant. In his years of practice, he has helped many feng shui believers regain their fate in feng shui after their previous ordeals. Along the way, he also managed to change the perceptions of non believers of feng shui. The reason is simple, his understanding of feng shui is unique and in depth and it make a lot sense to them.

He is also the consultant to many consultants whom they refer to master for advice. Having training students since 2012, he is well known among his students for his ability to explain complex concepts to an understandable level.
This course is available because his clients and students has seen the good effects of the feng shui implementation and wants to go a bit more to able to handle their own house feng shui.
Course Fees: RM1200/student
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