The Objective 

This one day course is aimed at providing newbies some correct insights into the fundamentals of Chinese culture and the practice of Metaphysics 玄学 particularly in the Subject of BaZi and 9 annual stars. 

Very suitable for enthusiast who wants to give Chinese metaphysics a try and understand Chinese culture better.

The Course Structure

This is special short course held once a year before Chinese New Year as part of our continuous education of the public. We have even given it a special low fee rate. We believe when people are better educated, then the fake or confused practitioners will do less damage to society. We know that the damage of metaphysics on society can be very far reaching spreading to entire family tree and long term.

Part 1

  1. Background of Chinese Metaphysics & application overview
  2. Chinese Calendar System & Solar System
  3. The Gan Zhi 天干 and Di Zhi 地支 system
  4. Anatomy of BaZi 八字 Astrology system
  5. Plot Your Own BaZi
  6. Basic Luck Interpretation (Refer to The Deal)

Part 2

  1. Overview of Feng Shui 风水 systems
  2. 9 Stars 九星 system introduction
  3. Annual 9 Stars for Jia Chen 甲辰 Year & Its Effects
  4. What is Period 9?
  5. Basic Luopan 罗盘 (compass) knowledge.
  6. Question & Answer on Bazi and Feng Shui course and practices

Start the Dragon Year differently by equipping yourself with new knowledge, to better understand your roots and culture and why Chinese belief in Metaphysics for thousands of years. Is it a tool that has helped our civilization advanced or just purely superstition? Why are religious organizations discouraging Chinese metaphysics, is Metaphysics religious in nature or perhaps has been misunderstood or mis represented over the centuries?

Why is it so when science has made so much advances and yet people today buys in so much into superstition and unfounded belief & practices in BaZi and Feng Shui? This is because people has not been educated in the proper way. Master Alan is an engineer by profession and hence his understanding & explanation of Feng Shui and Ba Zi is based on science perspective like how I-Ching was founded about 6000 years ago. Don't belief me? Come and ask Master Alan yourself.

Schedule & Fees

Date :  24 Feb 2024 (Saturday)

Time:   Part 1 - 11am to 1pm,         Part 2 - 2pm to 4pm

Fees:  Part 1 - RM 188 ,    Bundle Part 1 & 2 RM 288 

Location:  Classroom at Bukit Puchong, Puchong, Selangor.

Language:  English as primary , Cantonese / Mandarin as supplementary

The Deal

What You Will Get If you sign up for both Part 1 is :  Note booklet will be given.

What You Will Get If you sign up for both Part 1 & 2 is :                                                                                                                    Note booklet & Free one pointer BaZi Reading for the Dragon Year of your own choice. (Career, Relationship, Health or Children) 

We have only 8 seats for each session! First Come First Served basis.

No show, Deposit Fee is not refundable.

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