Introduction - Practitioner Level 1 (Nature's way)

Bazi (八字) or to some Phat Chee/ Four Pillars, is the art of astrology which uses our time and date of birth to calculate. Some call it fortune telling others call it fate analysis. But at Art of Destiny we are proud to present you the Classical Nature's Way of BaZi.

Bazi is a wonderful art of telling what's been installed into us since the time of birth. Knowing this art gives us the advantage for a few reasons.
  • We are aware of our strength and weaknesses. We are more accepting, we know where to start the improvements or enhancements.
  • We do not blame others since we now are aware of our life inherent issues. Rather we take it more positively and thus life is less stressful.
  • We know when to move forward, when to stay put.

Is it suitable for me?

Bazi is suitable if you have the passion to learn. If you have some good imagination then Bazi is particularly suitable for you.
All you need is to be able to identify the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches Chinese characters. That is all.

Course Introduction

This course is design for up to Intermediate level. So at this level, student is able to read bazi. The one thing I noticed is many student whom have completed very advance courses has problem even to start reading Bazi and even have doubts to tell if the Bazi in front of them is good or bad. I call this Stuck in the face problem. The reason is quite simple, have they acquired the correct method? Usually is No! This is the first & major reason.

Once an advance student from a very a famous school gave me 5 Bazi just to tell if this Bazi is rich or poor person. She was surprised that I can answer her all of them correctly in such short time. Sometimes learning from a famous school does not mean you are learning the correct method just perhaps it made you felt comfortable thinking you are learning the correct method.

The second reason is due to the first reason and since they have not the correct method, they cannot derive a consistent methodology to start reading bazi. In this course, students will be guided to a simple step by step to enter reading Bazi. Once the flow is set, you will be able to read Bazi will little effort.


  • Introduction to Bazi
  • Yin-Yang
  • 5 Elements
  • 5 Elements Relationship (production, weakening, control)
  • 10 Heavenly Stems - Character, Implications
  • 12 Earthly Branches - Character, Implications
  • Hidden Heavenly Stems - Character, Implications
  • Forming the Bazi Chart
  • Formations - Clash/Combine/Harms/Punishments/Destruction
  • Seasons & it's implications
  • Day Master & it's implications
  • Palaces Reading
  • 10 Gods - Character, Relationship and Representation
  • Natural Useful God - key to a good Bazi.
  • Strength of Day Master
  • Case Studies
Basic knowledge is so important. From this chart many lament that how does one read the chart if the luck starts from Bing Chen or Xin You. No sex of the Xin Day Master was mentioned.

If you know the basics well you will know how to look the 2 information "missing" above.

Thus we focus on the Basic to ensure student's foundation is solid and reading Bazi will be easy.

What Do You Get by The End Of This Course?

  • You will be able to understand and read a person's character and decide what is the better career choice.
  • You will be able to Identify some of the Useful God and that is important in Classical BaZi.
  • You will be able to know who can go along well with you and who are your adversary.
  • You will be able to know why you have health problems, if you will have a good career life, will your marriage is favourable etc...
  • You will be able to why some people treat you well while some others don't.
  • You will be able to understand if you have a Good Clash or a Bad Clash in your BaZi.
  • You will be able to understand why you and parents are not close.
  • You will be able to identify a good husband or good wife.
  • Why you lost money last year and how to minimizeit in the coming years.

Course Information

It's a 15 hours training program or 3 days. At the end of this course, one will be able to read Bazi and never have this "stuck in the face" problem.

Student can choose a Private Session via Part Time or Full Time as per the Scheduled announced.

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