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I don't have the talent to learn Chinese metaphysics.
Learning is process but learning is also because of the teacher as well as the environment. How the teacher is able to articulate the information so different student can understand it is very important. This no computer program can do it because each teacher is unique. The environment is also important. smaller groups allows more opportunity to students to ask questions. This why our class is limited to small numbers. You cannot have good quality learning via forums or via apprentice or in a class of more than 10.

A recent student is so happy because she has learnt from so many schools and yet confused and not able to read Bazi or do Feng Shui but the reason she is happy now is because she is able to do so. Having the right knowledge and trained teacher who understands the student, makes the difference.

Why Learn from Art-of-Destiny?
AOD is the license from CAFS founded by Master Francis Leyau who has 40 years in field experience and comes from the lineage of Tan Yang Wu. Lineage in feng shui is very important at least from the Chinese culture point of view. Most people has been sold the idea of learning Feng shui is a science when in fact it is an Art. Art has the element of subjectivity inside and this can only be taught by word of mouth.

What are the benefits I get studying from CAFS Certified Instructors?
Being a CAFS graduate, you have access to Master Leyau's 40 years feng shui field experience. Feng Shui is a subject of experience. One can write a book on Feng Shui so long you have the patience to do cross reference from the many books you can buy in Taiwan or Hong Kong. This does not qualify one to be a Feng Shui Master. Remember this, Feng Shui is meta-physics not physics & a often a guarded knowledge.
Furthermore, to be sure that you get the right & pure knowledge, it is best to study from the certified masters. Master Leyau has many students that offer similar course but they may have mixed with other knowledge since they do not follow the course syllabus entirely. I have cases where students came to complaint but what can I do since they are not certified by CAFS?
CAFS course are expensive!
I think CAFS course is cheap if you compare it in total. Furthermore, what is price when you can learn authentic Feng Shui or would you prefer to learn a method that gets 3-4 cases working out of every 10? Furthermore, you are entitled to 1 free revision.

What sets AOD/CAFS apart from other schools?
Our objective is very simple, to impart authentic knowledge down the lineage. We are not selling courses that we know it does not work, we are not in the business of putting students into a celebrity limelight, we are not in the business of creative Feng Shui but rather lineage Feng Shui. We are not in the business of selling you lucky items. We are not in the business of selling a false hope.
We are in the business of authentic lineage Feng Shui where we distinguish very clearly, what is Feng Shui, what is spirituality and what is cultural belief. We tell what is the reality and how to improve life through some real actionable methods.

When I learn from Master RL, Master JY, Master HC, Master VL etc. the knowledge builds layer upon layer but how is CAFS different from the others? Will I get confused?
We are different because we are from the Wu Chang Lineage. Their source is from Shen Zhu Reng which is off-spring of Wu Chang. This happens because Shen do not have a teacher and do not have the oral secrets of Wu Chang. So it is a matter if authentic knowledge is important to you or not.
As to will you get confused? It depends, if you come with an empty cup and open mind, you will not get confused.

What is the Path to Feng Shui and Bazi Mastery?
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 What is Bazi vs Feng Shui vs Date Selection?

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