BaZi For Career - Find you most suitable Career using the ancient art of Bazi 八字

Date:                                  Time: 2pm-4pm


Fees: RM128/ticket

A book will be given to each participants.

Every human being is born unique. This is no difference when it comes to career. Some are meant to be in law enforcement while some as designers, others as engineers and so on. Why some find meaning in their job while some felt so sulky about it? Could it be he or she is in the wrong career line?

The question throughout the ages that man have been asking is which is the better career for me. There are 2 main stream of thoughts. One schools tries to fill the gap, meaning if you do not have this, then artificially make it. The other school of thoughts says we should follow the flow. Work on what you have.

The folk culture allocates industry to element (Earth, Fire, Water, Metal & Wood). In this advancing era, is it that clear cut that each industry can be clearly allocate to each element?

Till today people still would like to know their suitable career choices and how to make the best out of it.

This seminar attempts to unravel the myth and provide a clearer methodology to help you decide if the career is suitable for you. Master Alan will explain how to use the ancient knowledge of Bazi to help make a career choice from his consulting experience.

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