Practical Xuan Kong Feng Shui

Made  Easier  course

This is a Lite version of the entire Xuan Kong 9 Stars system of Feng Shui specially designed for Xuan Kong enthusiast to understand how the real Feng Shui method work in helping them identifying a good Feng Shui house and also learn how to set up first layer protection for yearly Feng Shui. 

This is a short course aimed two major objectives:

1. For house hunters to understand some important basics of how to pre-select a good Feng Shui house for Period 9.

2. For folks to take care of their annual/monthly afflictions in the house.

3. Clear all the unfounded fears and taboos of Feng Shui.

This course is not aimed at making you a full fledged practitioner. This course open the doors for you into the world of Real Flying Star Feng Shui and to experience how it is different from other systems. If you are looking for a new property, this course helps you identify a potential Grade A property. It is also a very practical course to help you check your house for yearly afflictions and how to resolve it. You can use 12 times a year and for the rest of your life.

Course Structure

  1. It is a 2 days course inclusive of in-class theory and outdoor practical site visits. Class begins at 10am to 5pm daily.
  2. Location will be in Bukit Puchong, Puchong, Selangor.
  3. Bring along your Chinese calendar, Compass or Luopan if you have. We also have it on sale here if you do not have them.
  4. Course book and certificate of participation will be given.
  • Yi Jing Fundamentals.
  • Feng Shui Fundamentals & Basic Rules.
  • 9 Stars system introduction.
  • Fundamental Landform according to San Yuan principles.
  • Proper Compass reading and handling. 
  • Houses that you have to absolutely avoid.
  • How to spot a Potential Grade A Feng Shui House in Period 9.
  • Learn how to built first layer of protection for the Yearly and Monthly Afflictions.
  • Practical Site visits of Good and Bad Feng Shui places.


Life in this stressful era would be bland without a short break every now and then 😜 and it was the happiest, most joyful, and most wonderful weekend ever 🎉
To unlearn in order to learn 😄 - click the delete/trash icon 😂. From differentiating fables, parables and myths, the theoretical, the exercises, the practicalities as well as on-site tours wraps up the class 👍
I am satisfied with these knowledge gained!
I have all my questions answered!
I am free from confusion!
Are you satisfied with yours?
Any questions unanswered?
Are you still puzzled?
If your answer is yes to any of above, it means that you are still hungry and thirsty for the truth!
Art of Destiny's Feng Shui can uniquely offers the whole truth and nothing but only the truth. You don't need to believe me. Just need to believe in your what you see, hear and learn. - Julyn Ng

It's an eye opener where I need to unlearn to relearn this simple n staighforward version.
Worth the effort to learn the applications to use it for life.
Master Alan's true lineage Wuchang flying star is for everyone!!  - Christine Lee

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Purpose (Practical Xuan Kong Made Easier)