Feng Shui Date Selection Series

Why and What is Date Selection?

Date selection although is not the main stream system like Feng Shui and Bazi, it is none the less an important integral part of Feng Shui to hasten out the good effects and / or minimize bad effects (Sha sha) due to bad timing.

There are many systems of Date Selection but this class is focused on San Yuan system of date selection which is very effective and useful for Yang House Feng Shui which includes house, offices, factories, retail shops etc.

If you are student and have learnt San Yuan Feng Shui such as Xuan Kong Flying Star, you know how to form a powerful formation for wealth and health but without the help of a good date, the results comes slow. Worst still, you unknowingly selected a Bad date, then what happens? Problems comes before the good effects.

We need good dates to start a renovation, move into a new office, house, shop, factory etc so it will bring benefits to us faster but having good dates is one thing, it is more important to avoid bad dates. Bad dates can be caused by afflictions from yearly, monthly, daily and even hourly Sha and it can cause calamities such as accidents, robbery, sickness, arguments etc.

Once a friend who do not believed in Feng Shui started the house renovation on a affliction date, the husband was admitted to hospital for dengue, the friend's car engine exploded for no reason while the son received 6 stitches on the head from basketball game. It all happened in the same month!. How much money and pain was involved?  It clearly shows we cannot take affliction lightly.

A student once shared her experience she did a digging on a affliction date to built a swimming pool and that month she lost a lot of money in her business. If she had learned this earlier, then it would not have been avoided.

Learning this also helps you to take care of your property yearly affliction so you may plan ahead. Is next year suitable for you to do a house renovation? Is this week suitable for you to fix the air conditioning? etc so you may avoid unnecessary problems.

A proper Feng Shui Date Selection should fulfill the 3 Cai criteria of Heaven-Earth-Man unity. If a Date Selection system without matching the 3 criteria together, then this system is considered an inferior date selection method.

Date selection can help enhance our luck a little when we can select an auspicious date. Instead of looking for dates after Chinese New Year to start work or business, why not learn this up to select a good date for yourself? Furthermore these type of dates fulfills the 3 Cai criteria where as the dates that one gets from internet does not. They are just general dates that suits all people where as a date that fulfills the 3 Cai criteria is more powerful.
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Syllabus Outline
1. Fundamentals of San Yuan System

  • 9 stars introduction
  • Heaven-Earth-Man Concept
  • 5 elements | Bagua(s) | Lo Shu | HeTu
  • Chinese Calendar System
  • 24 Mountains
  • BaZi Fundamentals

2. The Sha Energies (Affliction Resolving Technique)

3. Selecting a Auspicious Date Technique

4. Matching to House Technique

5. Matching to Person Technique

6. Application

Pre Requisite

Have Studied Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui.
Delivery Technique (if online, not applicable for physical in-class sessions)

Online via Google Meet. Every Mon-Wed-Fri evening 830pm Kuala Lumpur (GMT+8). Time duration is 1.5 hour each class until the course finishes.

Class will be conducted in English and notes will be emailed prior to class.

Schedule is on the Course Page.

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