Introduction to Yin Feng Shui

This course is designed for the masses who are interested to know and understand more into this subject but does not plan to be a practitioner.

  1. You will understand how Yin feng shui affects you and your future generation.
  2. What are the intricacies of Yin feng shui and how to handle it when the time arise.
  3. How should to know so that things are in order and properly done in accordance to Feng Shui.
  4. Understand how Yin feng shui and Sheng Ji can be used to benefit us now.
  5. Without understanding the mechanics of it, it will look like a superstition.
  6. Yang Feng shui practitioner can better advice their clients and look like a pro because there are not many Yin feng shui introduction course taught by practitioners because this is the highest knowledge of feng shui.

Overview of Syllabus
  • History of Yin Feng Shui
  • The Concept of Qi
  • Basic landform theory
  • Yin Feng Shui terminology
  • Variations in Yin Feng Shui
  • Live Grave
  • Burial procedures
  • The various formulas
  • Case Studies
  • Excursion (Outdoor)

Note: Outdoor excursion, please bring along your hat, umbrella, sun block etc.

Course Fee includes notes, tea breaks and transportation.

This is a ONCE a Year Course! Don't miss this chance by Registering early because its limited only to 10 privileged students!

Video on Introduction To Yin Feng Shui