student's feedback (Testimony)

Master Alan’s fengshui class is very clear and easy to understand! His teachings are clear and concise, and easy to understand, which is highly important. Comparatively to what I have learnt previously, it had too many other factors which made it confusing and especially remedies, so much easier! Clara - S'pore 2022

I recently participated in the awesome 81 combo class from Master Alan. Although I already learned classical Feng Shui from other school with the same lineage, it was somewhat different. I was previously taught that living on a cul-de-sac was bad. No, it isn’t always bad, you need to look beyond that to determine the energy quality of your property. I must say his approach and teaching provided me with the detailed knowledge I needed for so long. It’s almost like puzzle pieces fell into places. After learning from other school, I always felt as if something was missing. With his help, I am now able to understand my own house better than ever before and how it impacted my own personal challenges – to the benefit of my spouse ;). Joking aside, his way of looking at all the things from different angles certainly clicked with me and I’m so happy I was able to join his class. If you’re wanting to learn a true Feng Shui - Tan Yang Wu lineage, save your time and look no further than Master Alan.  Pinkie, USA.2022

I attended Master Alan's Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui in April 2021. The course to me is awesome and valuable. The formula of Feng Shui taught is simple and alive since the flying stars will tell you the good, the bad and the timing, These contrast significantly to all the Feng Shui books I have read before.
By the third day of the course when I went out for dinner with my family, I was able to quickly plot a flying star of the Japanese shop that I dine using a compass. It was no wonder why the shop was packed and with queue of customers. All the good stars were at the right places.
A metaphysic enthusiast friend texted me and asked , after the course, whether I will recommend Master Alan course, I texted back "Yes".
Ding SS - 210427
My learning experience with Master Alan in Xuan Kong Flying Star was very different from other fengshui courses that I have attended previously. A well-balanced syllabus, we get to learn lots of fundamental theory in the class and going to field work by visiting selected venues. The part I enjoyed the most was doing the “real audit exercise” where we get to learn how to spot for clues ie spotting the landform, how to handle Lou pan and many more. It’s definitely not something you can read from books, online courses or articles. This new skill that I have learned from Master Alan has allowed me to understand better about my house fengshui and other key features that I should not miss out when I opt to purchase other property in future. I really enjoyed the class thoroughly. I am ready to drill more in-depth in this topic of interest and looking forward to sign up upcoming courses with Master Alan.
CX Penang.

Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial

Master Alan Chong simplified the essence of Xuan Gong flying stars to the basics. Removing the unnecessary complexity and retaining the important concepts that are practicable and applicable. Far from simply lectures and theory. He used real examples in his workbook cases. We also had actual fieldwork where we got to use the luopan and checked the various locations that has good and bad XKFS fengshui. Apart from the personalized chauffeur service, we got to eat at restaurants with great food. While at it, we had also checked the orientation of some of these restaurants. Thus hitting two birds with one stone, eating good food while learning authentic XKFS. This class is highly recommended for those seeking to learn and apply authentic XKFS! -Jun, Philippines

New Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial:
I completed the Xuan Kong Flying Stars course recently and it was a great decision. I’d read a lot about feng shui but intuitively felt this course was the right one, mainly down to the fact that this was knowledge passed through authentic lineage which was more inclined to be accurate and it certainly seems to be. Master Alan clears up many misconceptions that we’ve all heard of regarding feng shui and teaches you real feng shui. The course was informative, fascinating and Alan is a great teacher so ensures his students understand before moving onto the next module. What I particularly liked about the course was that once we’d studied the theoretical side of feng shui, we also looked at buildings as case studies giving us the opportunity to complete practical applications of what we had learnt. As well as teaching authentic feng shui very well, Alan also looks after overseas students ensuring they’re safe and comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings which was really reassuring. 
Looking forward to returning to Art of Destiny some time for further advanced study. - TJ from U.K.

My studies in Feng Shui started a few years ago when I took a three year course in a very famous school here in my country. Among other things I’ve learned the Flying Stars method, which I then applied in my own house and other people’s too. However, very soon I realized that there was something wrong with what I had learned. Besides the fact that there were some things that didn’t match up with reality, I was also not able to change my own life for the better. Because of that, with time I started to put Flying Stars aside and focused more on the practices of the “new age Feng Shui”.

Even though my path in Feng Shui took a major twist, my will to learn the right knowledge never disappeared. That was when I read Alan’s book and took the decision to fly to Malaysia and learn directly from him. The differences between what I had learned in school and his teachings were huge, not to mention his own results compared to what other Feng Shui practitioners have. I was amazed. Suddenly, everything started to make sense and fell into place.

Learning with Alan is something that I vividly recommend. If you really want to learn the real deal – from someone who has the knowledge, the practice and the results – just enroll in one of his courses. You’ll not be disappointed. Alan isn’t just a good Feng Shui master, but he’s also a very good teacher and a very good person. I went to Malaysia by myself and Alan helped me a lot with everything. In the Flying Stars course he also helps us to analyze our own house so we can later experience in firsthand the power of the real Feng Shui.

Thank you master Alan.  - Raquel, Portugal

New Enhanced Syllabus:

In 1991 I migrated from Malaysia to Canada. I grew up with the British education system, and did not have much of an insight into traditional Chinese arts and sciences except for Jackie Chan kung fu movies.

Three years ago in 2015 March, I was intrigued when I saw a workshop in Vancouver, Canada by a Caucasian Canadian who brought over a Malaysian Master to Vancouver to talk about Feng Shui. I wondered who was this guy that was so famous that he was an invited speaker from Malaysia? And what was the subject about, I had not much understanding, but was curious just to know what the fuss was about. Maybe I was feeling a little nostalgic and missing connection to Malaysia. However, that one decision opened a new set of understanding and tools that have taken me on a remarkable journey in life a little differently than I expected.

Through that course I took various advanced Feng Shui courses with the Malaysian Master and the Canadian Master. They opened my eyes to what was possible and the different teachings available.

However, I did not feel confident yet to practice Feng Shui completely. I had many questions, and many teachings swirling around in my head. By chance I stumbled upon Master Alan Chong’s website on the internet. His writing was quite prolific. He seemed to have advanced knowledge of the questions that I was researching about. I tested a little what he might be like by asking for a Bazi reading. Through that reading, I realized I liked Alan’s style. It was straightforward, and to the point. He seemed to have a strong focus and did not give you many “maybe this” or “maybe that” answers. The answers were clear.

While I felt a little bloated with feng shui knowledge from all the courses I had taken, irregardless, when I heard about Master Alan Chong’s flying star course, I decided to take the plunge, and give it a try. It was a difficult decision, as money was a bit tight, and I felt that I should already know all of this, since I had learned these topics before.

What I realized is that Master Alan Chong is a unique teacher. He is extremely considerate and thoughtful. He pays attention not just when you are in class, by keeping class sizes small and personalized, he also pays attention even before you arrive. He reminds you of what you need to bring, he helps you choose where to stay, and he brings his students around town, so that we can eat together and strengthen our bond, as well as provide opportunities to ask questions.

This amazing experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of Feng Shui with Master Alan Chong’s personalized approach. His small class sizes are worth many feng shui classes, so rather than repeating the same class over and over again, I really feel that I began to understand feng shui much better. He shows you not just what the zhen shen/ling shen (direct/indirect spirit) is for this year, but how the answers are derived. You learn not just to memorize, but to fully understand the concepts.

As well, he provides practice and personal supervision in his small class group, on how to take care and hold your luo pan. Everything from A to Z of what you need to do to complete a feng shui audit is shown. I couldn’t find any missing pieces of the experience Master Alan Chong provided to show you and guide you as a teacher and mentor.

If you decide to learn with Master Alan Chong, you not only will get a faster head start for applying feng shui in a practical manner, you will also learn about the wu chang style of feng shui. That alone; learning the wu chang style of feng shui is a gift in itself. But combined with the knowledge and the experience or learning with Master Alan Chong, the course is well worth it.

- Audrey

Thanks to Master Alan, he is very patient, he makes sure we fully understand and he explains very details. I have attended some other feng shui classes and still do not understand much. After attended Alan's class, now I'm more understand of flying star Feng Shui and have more confident to do Feng Shui audit for own and friend's house. ~ Jack Tan (Malaysia)

Alan Chong Feng Shui Flying Star programme is really mind blowing. The “wow” factor is the integration of various theories and concepts studied earlier and how it is applied as we journeyed into a famous shopping mall , students’ double storey terrace house and an apartment. At one goal, the complexity of apartment audit is now crystal clear as opposed to various theories derived from other sources. He is able to provide evidential occurrence as to whether the methodology taught is proven correct as he juxtaposition the “81 combinations” to the respective sectors or palaces of the flying star chart.. Not only is he able to diagnose the negative symptoms but he is able to offer practical “classical” solutions to the problem.
By using his “enhanced” luopan, Alan is able to lead us to new ways of thinking and simplified the whole horrendous ordeal of plotting the flying star chart. The systematic and visual imaging methods not only improve one’s method of remembering the technicalities of the contents but makes the training fun.

From the personal perspective , Alan Chong is very generous in divulging all information relating to the course. He is able to add value by providing additional information and “secrets” that is not listed in the course syllabus. Depending on the situation, he is willing to extend the time duration beyond what is prescribed in the course outline. His patience to slow learners is awesome as he ensure that everyone follow the course.
Following the reasoning of Jonathan Rottenberg, I do agree that Alan’s training makes me uneasy as the practical session is the hardest part of this training but it ends with a happy mystery!
Perhaps, Alan is practicing what Orson Scott Card said “ The essence of training is to allow error without consequence”
YY Yee (KL, Malaysia)

I would like to thank you Master Alan for his wonderful Xuan Kong Flying Star Class. His knowledge and explanation wiped out many doubtful points that I’ve had, and reasonably clarified many fengshui myths. Most of all, his practical class on the last day was very worthy because he brought us to some places to explained how we applied theory to real life. His teaching technique was quite simple but straightforward.

Since this class was conducted during 2023 New Year Celebration, I considered it was my good ‘Start Button’ to accelerate my Fengshui experience.

I really appreciated him and expect to join his classes in the future. Paponpat- Thailand 2022

Just finished 81 combinations of flying stars course taught by Master Alan. Through understanding the combinations, I saw a relationship with respect to timing of certain events that had happened at home i.e. kitchen fire where 5 star came to a 9-5 stove. Understanding the combinations helps me to quickly identify blessings and pitfalls in years to come and take adjusting actions today with the new knowledge. Highly recommend anyone to pursue this 81 combination class as part of your Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui study. Yin Norway 2022
"Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other people"
True happiness come from knowing that someone’s life have changed for the better as a result of your efforts to help. Receive this feedback from a friend informing that things took a turn for the better after implementing changes to her home. Beats any espresso for starting the day on a positive note.
It gives me much pleasure and a humbling sense of fulfillment knowing that I am able to apply what I have learned on Flying Stars to help a friend and yielded positive results to make a difference in her life.
This has proven to be a huge leap in my pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge. Never that I imagined I was able to garner such convincing results; from being able to apply the Lineage Flying Stars method learned from my ever supportive metaphysics teacher Master Alan Chong Feng Shui - from the diagnosis, remedies and obtaining surefire results.
More so from a case that was for years, been plagued by unending tribulations. I was especially elated to know that today I was finally able to do this practice resoundingly.
This experience had also given me new found confidence, and a moment of epiphany where the truth expounded and taught to me by my teacher was validated and proven true. My decision to pursue the Wu Chang Lineage Flying Stars was the best decision that I ever made in my long standing pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge.
Thinking back, the flying stars school was the reason that I first developed an interest in Feng Shui nearly a decade ago. Despite being discouraged by peers and being told by many on the invalidity and inefficacy of Flying Stars Feng Shui, I continued with my conviction to one day pursue the Wu Chang Lineage.
I upheld my belief that learning this school of Feng Shui will provide me with the answers that I have been seeking all along in regards to the contradictions and doubts on Feng Shui applications. And I am glad that I never swayed nor gave up on my pursuit.
To be able to reach a level of practice where you are able to help ourselves, and eventually others, we must first know clearly what we truly want to become.
Eradicate the noises and dogma, hold fast to sincerity and faithfulness and allow your intuition and conviction to take the lead as you move towards the learning that will be most essential to your mastery. -Chan, KL Malaysia.
Master Alan’s Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui course is a well-structured course of a traditional school that follows strictly the teachings of the lineage. The class is kept to a small number of students and we were given the fullest attention. Many references were made to the traditional way of Fengshui which is still relevant and applicable in present day. Discussion on different topics are engaging and well-articulated with numerous examples from Master’s own experience.
Case study excursion day is very interesting to witness how XKFS works for prosperous businesses, and how failed business is caused by premise with bad Fengshui. Detailed explanation from Master is relatable to the theory taught in the classroom. We were also extremely lucky to witness a real case where by coincidence, on the same day of our excursion, Master Alan is helping his client to remedy a business premise. We as student witnessed Master’s application and method of tilting a door. After that, as a Case Study, Master explained to us the cause of bad Fengshui in the original layout of the premise, and the remedy that is applied to harness the auspicious Qi.
I feel lucky to have studied under a practicing Master with real life case study and proven positive results. We are on a path of excellence and I hope to further deepen this knowledge under his guidance. - KY, 28 April 2021
Hi master Alan Chong, after I attended your course, i understand very well & will know how to apply on it. During your class I immediately know the answer of some cases that goes wrong. You explain & conducted very well. Thank you Master Alan Chong - Jeremy Hong, Penang
Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial

My foray into the Chinese five arts started close to 15 years ago with the Yijing. Back then I was in university overseas and going through a rough period. I stumbled upon a satchel of copper Yijing coins at a stall during a weekend trip to a city flea market. It soon became my beacon of wisdom and solace during those trying times. Even though I was far from an expert practitioner, the imagery and simplicity of the Yi spoke volumes to me, and my curiosity in Chinese metaphysics was piqued.

After this initial experience, it was a period of limbo in pursuit of knowledge in the metaphysical arts. Not helped by the confusing, trend riding and fickle (fecal?) nature of pop culture, DIY, frozen-microwave-dinner-type feng shui perpetuated by the LilyTwos and the JojoYups of the pantheon of Chinese metaphysics super-marketers.

As my quest for knowledge in authentic feng shui progressed, I guess it was a stroke of "luck" that I chanced upon Master Alan's website after a period of research. In fact, I had messaged a few other "masters" prior. Lucky for me - they never replied, but Master Alan did.

The 4-day XKFS course in the Wu Chang lineage was packed full of valuable, practical and powerful solutions, with simple to follow course notes, verbally presented in a logical, manner by Master Alan. The course material was great, but what was of immense value was the verbal interpretation, and explanation of the lineage trade secrets, some of which were truly profound and will not be found written anywhere.

We also had the chance to practice the theory we learned, through the numerous exercises. The final day practical site visits to a few notable feng shui case study venues were truly a fantastic learning experience. It was amazing to practice what we have learnt in person, on site, and to learn about the real stories of these premises.

Master Alan was also kind enough to fetch a few of us students to class, and even took us to lunch and dinner most days and openly shared his experience in feng shui and bazi. The four days passed by with great discussions about Chinese metaphysics.

Our class of students come from various backgrounds and I believe all have some deep desire to improve some area of our lives. Whether you want to take your knowledge deeper or find a practical life solution, I think this course is a great starting point.

Our sages spoke of 1) Destiny 2) Luck 3) Feng Shui 4) Merits 5) Education. Even though our destinies or luck may not be perfect, and mine is far from perfect - I believe that if you are reading this page now, you are at least in a decent enough luck period to be granted an opportunity to study feng shui with Master Alan. You will leave after the four days having learned about 1), 2), 3) and also cultivate number 5), and perhaps if you share this website to worthy readers, that would be fostering number 4).  :-)

Master Alan, thanks for showing us the ropes, and with the grace of the heavens, I do hope to further deepen my knowledge and skills in this art under your tutelage.

LH, Brunei
A Word From The Heart:
I have always been a strong beliver in Feng Shui. Since my first home, i have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.

This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and Im grateful things start to improve over time.

This event has prompted me to learn from him. I hope one day with the skill and knowledge acquired, Im able to help others.

So, why do i want to learn him? I guess the answer is obvious. He has proved to me, with positive effect in my current house. Next, his skill comes from proven and authentic lineage. This is very important as i do not wish to learn from some self claimed Master whom does DIY, self learning from books and without a recognised lineage.

The course itself is structure and informative, telling alot about why this and that, making the understanding meaningful.
There are also relevant life examples n case studies which help to make learning purposeful.
There is one very critical part of the course - Oral Secret. This differentiator make the true master.
Feng Shui Myth - Master Alan has all answers to those, made by DIY Master.

As a newbie, i personally find it overwhelming. But, thanks to his patience, i would say he manage to clear all my doubts and queries
[of course one has to be sincere and show faith in his Feng Shui method].

To those out there whom are still searching for Authentic Feng Shui, I urge you to have a word with Master Alan, be it his course or Feng Shui audit. Im sure he will be able to fill you up. Enroll or engage and you will not regret (dont expect miracle from feng shui remedy. This is not God's act. But sure to see positive result).
Thanks Master Alan for your guidance. 
Liew WY, S'Pore



The study and practice of feng shui is aimed to produce results.  Having studied from famous masters and somehow could not achieve the results desired made me disappointed and frustrated.


I had a 4 day intensive course  and really amazed by the teacher's dedication and patience. As you know, it changed the entire course of my life and I have never felt happier and learned more than I ever imagined.


It is an excellent course which provides a simple system to study the fundamentals of feng shui loaded with the key concepts. The clarity of teaching makes the text more superior to all other feng shui text which I had attended so far.


It will equip you with better analytical and judgemental skills required for practical audit and consultation of residences and offices.  In your course, I studied not only the classical concepts and formulas but how to deal with the application methods of the why's and the how's.


Most importantly, this course has provided the basics needed to successfully advance in my study of feng shuito the next level.  The illustrations were creative and helpful which helped to clarify the the methods used.


One needs to look for the right teacher, otherwise time and money will be wasted. A straight forward course for anyone who is looking to learn the fundamentals of feng shui.


The good  and responsible instructor cum feng shui consultant  is none other than  Master Alan Chong of Art of Destiny.

A good teacher is like a candle and our guiding star.


I am really thankful to have you as my teacher and appreciate your hard work , selfless sharing and patience. ~ Nicole

Sir, thank you for everything.  I really see and feel that you are that willing teacher to transfer your knowledge to us. Just for the span of 4 days, we had tackled a lot.Thank you for the tips and guide on how to learn it, also your being so caring from start to end. I know you are giving more than what we had paid for....even inside the class, we always go beyond the normal hour of teaching......and while traveling inside the car and while were so willing to answer our questions and clarify things.....we are so thankful for for those bonuses.... Thank you for  You also for making sure that I am safe from the time I reached and left Kuala Lumpur. I really appreciate your guidance in choosing the right hotel near the place and for bringing me to the airport just to make sure I am safe. Thank you very very much for  all the knowledge and care. With that, Congratulations to all of us. We love you sir.
Arlene, Philippines

Long time ago I started a Feng shui way.

This is a path that bring me to know 100 master and different schools of thoughts.
All of the schools have some secrets and all of the school have some hidden points that when you arrive to practical use
nobody explain you what to do…. Bcus is only theoretical Feng shui and those master never practice before.

My experiences in the course with Alan was amazing he explain very detailed with a lot of examples and a lot of ideas
he is not hidding any secret and goes deep into situation that other master avoid to go
for example ” how many star in the same room” how to approach a one small room apartment, etc

Also is interesting how he explain classics and how to review some foundation.
Some times a basic foundation explain in different way bring new knowledge and new way for the interpretation of feng shui.

Dear Alan please go ahead with the school and please b sure that the time in your school is high value for me and futures generation of people that will attend your course.

Alex S. Costa (Italy)