Bazi Case Study - Nina Wang

Here is a sample case study about Nina Wang. I suggest that you read about her after you have finish reading this case although it is up to your preference.

Nina Wang was born on the date of 29 Sept 1937 in the hour of You (ι…‰). The Chinese has their own unique way to determine the hour which you will learn in the Bazi course.

If you translate this into Chinese Bazi Format, it becomes as follows:

This is the way Chinese uses the information from the time and date of birth to decipher a person's destiny. While this method is not intended to tell all the nitty gritty of our destiny, it gives us a sort of a bigger picture or events that are significant in our lives.

The above chart is called the Bazi Natal chart or Destiny Chart and it represents one of the component of destiny. There is another what we call as Luck cycle. Luck cycle unlike the Destiny chart, is dynamic. Meaning of dynamic here is that it changes through out time. This is the reason why even a rich man has his ups and downs in life. I will deal with it later but for now let's focus on the destiny chart because it is the most vital of all to determine one's life.

Nina and her signature Pig Tail Hairstyle


Nina Wang with her signature Pig Tail hairstyle.

Bazi Analysis

For demonstration purpose, I will only touch on the significant events in the life. Those significant events are:

  1. Lost of husband or poor husband affinity luck.
  2. Rich
  3. Capable person in managing businesses.
  4. Her love life.

Let's go into them one by one.

Lost of husband or poor husband affinity luck.

Nina is a Ji Earth Day Master born in the month of Autumn season and during autumn metal is the dominant energy according to Chinese metaphysics study. This is further fuelled by the other earth around the You metal element. The husband star to a female is known as the Officer (10 Gods study) and officer is represented by the element that controls the day master which is Wood in her case. There are a few reasons why her affinity with husband is low, this is due to a few reasons but I will explain 2 here. First, is the dominant metal energy controls the wood thus wood is hurt in her chart. Secondly, the wood element is not significant in her chart i.e. absent in the Stem as well as the Earthly Branches.

You can read that her husband left her at a early time. In Chinese society, this is called a Hurt Husband Chart, meaning this lady brings disaster to the husband. However, this concept does not hold well in western culture. Rather, if this lady has low affinity with husband, she can do some remedial work via feng shui to lessen the effects or she should find a low profile husband that she assumes the role of the bread winner so to speak.


Wealth is represented by the element the day master controls. Earth controls Water in the study of Chinese 5 elements study. You can see that in her chart there is Gui water in the Hour Heavenly Stem. In Bazi study, there are 2 types of water, Ren and Gui water or also known as Yang and Yin Water respectively. The question is which is the better water for Ji day master? This is where the Natural Useful God concept kicks in. Is there a difference if the Gui is on the Stem or on the Branch? Yes of course!

You will see that in her chart there are no Clashes and Combinations! Usually good charts have this characteristic although not definitive.

Capable person in managing businesses

Capability of a person is measured by few factors and one of it is the quality of the Output star. The output star is the element that the day master produces which in her case is the metal. Thus this established the 10 God relationship of Metal as Output Star. As we have seen above her metal star is having very dominant energies. Having said this, it does not guarantee that this person will be productive and capable. There are other charts where the output is strong but yet they are gullible.

She is classified as a Strong Ji Earth Day Master and her Output star is represented by the Xin Metal or Yin Metal. Ji earth is very good in producing Xin in nature and thus is very favourable to a Ji Day Master. Thus her capability is greatly enhanced by having it in her career palace. You can also notice that her wealth grows steadily into her old age and this can be read from her chart as well. Can you guess where?

Furthermore, she is born in the year of the Ox or Chou δΈ‘ year. Ox are diligent people and very hard working. Ox is also characterize as a resourceful character.

Her love life

Finally, her love life. She is quite a romantic person in nature. You ι…‰ can read about it on the web. This is depicted by the You character where You people are generally romantic and have fine feelings. So the way to handle a You person is to shower her with love whether it is material love or by just being sensitive to her needs and her shortfalls. Thus we always say destiny is character and character is destiny.

Perhaps the fake master Tony Chan saw this in her and decided to capitalize on it in the attempt to inherit her massive wealth.


She is seldom happy and it is sad her life ended in a sad note. In Bazi destiny analysis, her chart is missing an important element of the Natural Useful God. If she has this element her life would have been much happier and meaningful. Can you guess which element ?