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We have a range of Feng Shui Products for sale such as Flying Star Calculator, Chinese Compass or Luo Pan and Yearly Xuan Kong Da Gua Calendar.

If you are looking for a PC based Flying Star Chart Calculator, this simple application maybe suitable for you.

Excel Flying Star Calculator

$ 3.50 USD

This is an Microsoft Excel based Flying Star Calculator.

Your own name will be on the Excel Program.

First chart is the original while the second chart is an re-orientated for easy viewing.

You may plot charts from Period 1 till 9 with this simple tool.

We will email you the file after the payment is received so make sure your name and email address is correct. There will not be any download link!

2019 Feng Shui Calendar (Printed)

$ 6.80 USD

Price excluding postage!

This is a 12 month calendar from Feb 2019 - Jan 2020.

Handy to carry about and useful tool for both Feng Shui Audit as well as Date Selection.

You can also check out your house monthly energies and the best part is you do not have to worry about the Solar month cut off date because it has already taken care in this calendar.

Printed on A5 with 6 holes suitable for standard organisers.

Malaysian Price is RM20.00 (excluding postage)

2019  Feng Shui Calendar

Your Feng Shui Calendar for 2019 己亥

  1. XKDG Date Selection Calendar
  2. Master Killing Days
  3. Yearly Tai Sui sectors
  4. Monthly San Sha & 5 Yellow updates
  5. No more complications with the monthly cut off day.
  6. Serves as your calendar too.


$ 4.50 USD

Suitable for serious XKDG practitioners to do Date Selection for Feng Shui Application.

Note: If you purchase this version, you do not need to purchase the hardcopy Calendar above. They are the same only this is softcopy version.

User manual incorporated inside.

Any queries, please email

Flying Star apps

Flying Star Feng Shui plotting Apps

  1. Go to Google Play Store (android) or Apple Store (iOS).
  2. Search for Xuan Kong Flying Star.
  3. Choose between the Free App or the Paid App with added Features.
  4. Watch the video below to understand the added features: