New EnhancedFlying Star Feng Shui Course Singapore


This Flying Star Feng Shui Course is based on our lineage teaching of our Grand masters. Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the most effective method for Yang Zhai Audit or Feng Shui of the living. It can be effectively applied to Malls, Office, Shops and Houses making it one of the most sought after Feng Shui Method. It is part of the San Yuan Feng Shui system that can be used to predict events based on land forms and it's chart system. Any feng shui system that cannot predict is not a complete system. Sometimes it is known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing.

It is based on the 9 stars of the North Ladle to be used in conjunction with land form to understand the type of Qi that enters a property. Each star has a name namely, Tang Lang, Ju men, Lu Chun, Wen Qu, Lian Zhen, Wu Qu, Po Jun, Zho Fu and You Bi. Flying star is a profound study of the 9 stars. This enable not only one to know the type of Qi that enters a property, its mastery allows the Feng Shui Master to predict the future.

However, there are many Flying star systems out there in the market today which originates from a book called Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue authored by Shen Zhu Reng. Thus there is a vast difference between authentic Lineage Flying Star system as taught here compared to the widely available knowledge.

If you are looking for a complete system of Yang Feng Shui, this is a course you should join. In actual Feng Shui practice, one does not need many methods. To use many methods only shows each method is only partially complete or truth.

Come join us for eye opening course on Flying Star Feng Shui as taught by Master Alan Chong from the Wu Chang lineage he inherited through Master Francis Leyau & Grand master Yen Pen. This is the course for those who are dead serious about the real Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui knowledge.

The one thing unique about our students is that they hardly participate in forums because forums is for those still searching for answers. They have found them here. Undoubtedly Wu Chang is still the best Flying Star system.

To be a good feng shui consultant, one needs to have the right & proven teachings as carried down by the generations of masters, without this sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and hence they start to introduce more methods to justify the missing link. Coupled with Master Alan years of active consulting experience that reinforces the theory, this method has proven itself.

If you have learn Feng Shui from schools and have been practicing but facing the problem of inconsistent results or no results at all, this is the school you must join. We have many tangible feng shui consulting results due to the authenticity of our lineage knowledge. 

                                   ...Be different, Be Correct with Art of Destiny , The Real Flying Star Feng Shui System....

The Lineage

Most may know that there are six major schools of Xuan Kong, they were the Wu Chang Pai (無常派), the Xiang Chu Pai (湘楚派), the Dian Nan Pai (滇南派), the Su Zhou Pai (蘇州派), the Guan Dong Pai (廣東派), and the Shang Yu Pa (上虞派) and Wu Chang is the foremost school in Flying Star system.
Most flying star being taught outside are sourced from this book called Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue. It was a book written by father Shen Zhu Nai and son Shen Zhao Min after spending few years trying to understand the code from the book they borrowed from the son of Zhang Zhong San (lineage holder of Wu Chang).

They have inherit flaws, firstly, they do not have the oral secrets and secondly, they may not have correctly understand the hidden meaning of the text inside the book. If you believe a feng shui master can alter a destiny of a person, do you want to unknowingly harm others? Why is it most consultants have 3-4 cases out of 10 successful? Do you want more success cases?
Why is this happening? Why most master never reveal the source of their knowledge? Simple, their source is from this book Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue.

Currently, Master Alan has 8 years and counting years of practical experiences. Our training not only teaches the theories but also emphasizes the practical session. This is because feng shui application lies in the ability of the practitioner to perform an onsite audit.
Read this Real Case...

In this revised and enhanced syllabus by Art of Destiny, new real Feng Shui case and material are added in. You may have hear of Fire burning on Heaven's gate but have you heard of Water flooding Heaven's gate?
  1. Early Heaven Bagua – how did Fuxi created it & it’s important implication to Feng Shui. 八卦的形成
  2. Xuan Kong Landforms 到山到向
  3. San Ban Gua 三般卦
  4. Castle Gate 城门
  5. Combination of Ten 合十
  6. Fan Yin Fu Yin Houses 伏吟/反吟
  7. Imprisonment of Star & how to overcome it. 入囚
  8. Replacement Star – the real knowledge 下卦起星
  9. 7 Star Robbery 七星打劫
  10. Castle Gate – The real method of Castle gate activation 城门诀
  11. Xuan Kong Water Method 正神水法
  12. Stove placement method
  13. Door Tilting – fate changing method.
  14. Method of activation and cures.
  15. Luopan & 2 sets of Void Lines San Yuan Feng Shui. 如何使用罗盘
  16. San Yuan Date Selection Method – the solution to avoiding disaster. 三煞/五黄/太岁/岁破/年、月飞星
  17. 81 Combination according to YiJing 81个组合
  18. Compartmentalize – the ultimate method of Xuan Kong Flying Star.
  19. Method of predicting events.
  20. Practical Application on handling loupan/ placement of table/ selection of landforms.
  21. Outdoor visit.

At Art of Destiny practical application is our priority.

Practical application is the core of Feng Shui study, not just classroom theory.

- Master Alan Chong

Students ability to learn, be interested and grow has a lot to do with the teacher because the teacher with good field experience is able to relate the cases and subject well, is the reason students learn fast. Again, not all teacher are born with the same teaching ability.

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Read about our Student's feedback after attending the Flying Star Feng Shui Course. Our Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Italy. 

Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial

Master Alan Chong simplified the essence of Xuan Gong flying stars to the basics. Removing the unnecessary complexity and retaining the important concepts that are practicable and applicable. Far from simply lectures and theory. He used real examples in his workbook cases. We also had actual fieldwork where we got to use the luopan and checked the various locations that has good and bad XKFS fengshui. Apart from the personalized chauffeur service, we got to eat at restaurants with great food. While at it, we had also checked the orientation of some of these restaurants. Thus hitting two birds with one stone, eating good food while learning authentic XKFS. This class is highly recommended for those seeking to learn and apply authentic XKFS! -Jun, Philippines

New Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial:
I completed the Xuan Kong Flying Stars course recently and it was a great decision. I’d read a lot about feng shui but intuitively felt this course was the right one, mainly down to the fact that this was knowledge passed through authentic lineage which was more inclined to be accurate and it certainly seems to be. Master Alan clears up many misconceptions that we’ve all heard of regarding feng shui and teaches you real feng shui. The course was informative, fascinating and Alan is a great teacher so ensures his students understand before moving onto the next module. What I particularly liked about the course was that once we’d studied the theoretical side of feng shui, we also looked at buildings as case studies giving us the opportunity to complete practical applications of what we had learnt. As well as teaching authentic feng shui very well, Alan also looks after overseas students ensuring they’re safe and comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings which was really reassuring. 
Looking forward to returning to Art of Destiny some time for further advanced study. - TJ from U.K.
Practical class, even one of my teachers is so happy that his student joined my class. Most of them are practicing masters today. It is a signature of Master Alan's ability, knowledge, experience and professionalism.

My studies in Feng Shui started a few years ago when I took a three year course in a very famous school here in my country. Among other things I’ve learned the Flying Stars method, which I then applied in my own house and other people’s too. However, very soon I realized that there was something wrong with what I had learned. Besides the fact that there were some things that didn’t match up with reality, I was also not able to change my own life for the better. Because of that, with time I started to put Flying Stars aside and focused more on the practices of the “new age Feng Shui”.

Even though my path in Feng Shui took a major twist, my will to learn the right knowledge never disappeared. That was when I read Alan’s book and took the decision to fly to Malaysia and learn directly from him. The differences between what I had learned in school and his teachings were huge, not to mention his own results compared to what other Feng Shui practitioners have. I was amazed. Suddenly, everything started to make sense and fell into place.

Learning with Alan is something that I vividly recommend. If you really want to learn the real deal – from someone who has the knowledge, the practice and the results – just enroll in one of his courses. You’ll not be disappointed. Alan isn’t just a good Feng Shui master, but he’s also a very good teacher and a very good person. I went to Malaysia by myself and Alan helped me a lot with everything. In the Flying Stars course he also helps us to analyze our own house so we can later experience in firsthand the power of the real Feng Shui.

Thank you master Alan.  - Raquel, Europe

New Enhanced Syllabus:
I started my journey into Chinese Metaphysics in late Year 2014, taking online lessons from LT and JY. However, there are endless streams of questions and doubts here and there which I am unable to get any answers. Following which, I started officially taking lessons from different Masters starting from Year 2015, which brought me to the world of XKFS, Yi Jing, San He, Qimendunjia etc. I am always been fascinated by XKFS because it is predictive and is able to tell what has happened to members staying in a household. But my understanding in XKFS is always hampered by common problems: Where to take Facing? Did I fly the stars correctly? etc. And the answer to my questions & doubts related to XKFS end in me, finally making a trip up North to Puchong from Singapore to learn from Master Alan.

I learned authentic Wu Chang Pai (無常派) Xuan Kong Flying Stars in a 4 days course recently in Sept 2018 from Master Alan. The course throughout is very interesting and engaging. It strongly reinforces what I know and yet clear up my misunderstandings, questions and doubts. Master Alan is very patient in explaining all the details to us, making sure we all understand what he is teaching. One very imperative plus-point for Master Alan's course is he makes it a point to keep the class size small. This allows him to observe and know how the students are doing, able to answer our questions in depth and the students can ask more questions. Imagine a seminar room of at least 50 students - No way to do that! This shows his passion to ensure the students can learn as much as possible even at his own expense.

In addition, there is also actual outdoor field visit where we get to see why XKFS works: How XKFS shows a place is totally ghost-quiet without business / business has failed and closed shop; How XKFS shows a place is prosperous with many shoppers etc. Every lunch is also interesting as it is also related to Fengshui. Master Alan will bring the students to popular places to eat and yet debunked the myths of bad Fengshui ( Eg. Wind Gap Sha, Peeping Tom Sha, Cutting Feet Water Sha etc. ) at the same time. We are all able to see how the business is so prosperous despite all these so-called bad fengshui.

Overall, this course has been most fulfilling to me and now I am confident to take my Luopan and use XKFS accurately, all thanks to Master Alan! I can't wait to find the chance to go Puchong again next year to study Advance XKFS from him.

- Ivan Yap ( Singapore )



The study and practice of feng shui is aimed to produce results.  Having studied from famous masters and somehow could not achieve the results desired made me disappointed and frustrated.


I had a 4 day intensive course  and really amazed by the teacher's dedication and patience. As you know, it changed the entire course of my life and I have never felt happier and learned more than I ever imagined.


It is an excellent course which provides a simple system to study the fundamentals of feng shui loaded with the key concepts. The clarity of teaching makes the text more superior to all other feng shui text which I had attended so far.


It will equip you with better analytical and judgemental skills required for practical audit and consultation of residences and offices.  In your course, I studied not only the classical concepts and formulas but how to deal with the application methods of the why's and the how's.


Most importantly, this course has provided the basics needed to successfully advance in my study of feng shuito the next level.  The illustrations were creative and helpful which helped to clarify the the methods used.


One needs to look for the right teacher, otherwise time and money will be wasted. A straight forward course for anyone who is looking to learn the fundamentals of feng shui.


The good  and responsible instructor cum feng shui consultant  is none other than  Master Alan Chong of Art of Destiny.

A good teacher is like a candle and our guiding star.


I am really thankful to have you as my teacher and appreciate your hard work , selfless sharing and patience. ~ Nicole

When searching for a Feng Shui School, as there are so many, I wanted the most authentic school to the traditional feng shui that I could find.  I chose Alan because he teaches just that! Alan’s feng shui training is wonderful. He purposely kept the class small to ensure that he can guide each student in their study of feng shui if they need more time. The course days were intense with lots of complex materials to cover but thoroughly taught. Alan is very knowledgeable, helpful and generous with his teaching and information. 

Many case studies are explained to show how one applies the feng shui methods. Many other schools teach the materials but they lack the practical emphasis of application. Alan does a superb job in this aspect guiding step by step the methods to do a feng shui audit. I travelled from Australia to Malaysia for this course and it was totally worth the money, time and effort that I invested. I am so glad I chose to do this course with Alan and would recommend this course to anyone with a passion to learn authentic feng shui! Thank you Sifu Alan for your guidance. - Gordon

Thank you for having the class. From someone with no knowledge in Flying Stars, I am able to plot and fly the stars,few hours during the first day. Syllabus are well arranged, going layer by layer, hence newbie will still able to pick it up and not lost somewhere. Initially I have doubt if the master is good at teaching or will I be able to catch up / absorb the knowledge. In the end, the worries turn out to be useless.

I believe things will be better if the class was held for 5 days with more case studies and longer practical hours. But it will be difficult for working fellows to secure longer day off. However, by having a small class did compensate for it, where more attention can be given to all.

Again, thank you for exercising great patience in guiding us and answering every single question, despite it was repeated a lot of times :-)

Stay healthy, and hope to see you again soon during revision class. - Wong, M'sia

Thanks to Master Alan, he is very patient, he makes sure we fully understand and he explains very details. I have attended some other feng shui classes and still do not understand much. After attended Alan's class, now I'm more understand of flying star Feng Shui and have more confident to do Feng Shui audit for own and friend's house. ~ Jack Tan (Malaysia)

For those who want to learn the secret techniques of flying star under the lineage of the Feng Shui Greats like Zhang Zhong Shan and Jiang Da Hong, I would strongly recommend this ancient knowledge to you. It is not the ordinary flying stars as taught in books . This course contains many secret techniques (not revealed in books) which are only taught to those under this school and lineage. Thanks to GM Francis Leyau and Master Alan Chong for teaching this course.

Kevin (M'sia)

Sir, thank you for everything.  I really see and feel that you are that willing teacher to transfer your knowledge to us. Just for the span of 4 days, we had tackled a lot.Thank you for the tips and guide on how to learn it, also your being so caring from start to end. I know you are giving more than what we had paid for....even inside the class, we always go beyond the normal hour of teaching......and while traveling inside the car and while were so willing to answer our questions and clarify things.....we are so thankful for for those bonuses.... Thank you for  You also for making sure that I am safe from the time I reached and left Kuala Lumpur. I really appreciate your guidance in choosing the right hotel near the place and for bringing me to the airport just to make sure I am safe. Thank you very very much for  all the knowledge and care. With that, Congratulations to all of us. We love you sir.
Arlene, Philippines

First and foremost, I would like to thank Alan for teaching me Flying Star Feng Shui. I started off with zero knowledge of Feng Shui but after 4 days, I can plot Flying Star charts now and apply it into my own room and house ! …
Out there, the are plenty of different Feng Shui Schools but I would definitely recommend CAFS as the starting ground to learn the right way in applying Flying Star Feng Shui because Alan really spent time in explain the logic and reasoning behind certain principles of Feng Shui which other Feng Shui masters would most likely leave you hanging.
The last day of the course, we visited 3 places (1 Apartment, 1 House and 1 Shopping Mall) and it was great to see how theories of Feng Shui can be translated into practice. Most importantly, Alan also taught me how to use the lou pan correctly, when I had troubles finding the Facing and Sitting of the house and also on holding the lou pan correctly (lol).
All in all, I am glad that I took part with course and I am looking forward to the other classes ;)
Jeremy Chong , Sabah (Class of 2013)

I started this course with a clean sheet of paper so to say, but after 4 days of lessons and training, I got to know how to do the flying star and to chart out the sectors especially for my own house and room. The course was excellent, with a focus on fundamentals leading to real understanding of how it’s going to be applied to actual scenarios. 

Mr. Alan was immensely knowledgable, well-organized, and has a deep understanding and experience to back up the course material. 

Thank you very much Mr. Alan for your patience in teaching us this subject and hope to see you in your future classes!

Bryan Lao (Singapore)

The course is very informative. I learn what is one object one taiji, what is one room one set of stars. This we can never get to learn in books.

The course structure is very well organized. I am able to understand what is inside the course material. The Trainer (Alan) taught very patiently. He never failed to answer our questions.

My greatest thanks to CAFS for making this Flying Star Course available.

Lee CY (Singapore)

This is the first fengshui course I have ever attended albeit I have read many fengshui related books. I need to forget what I learned from the books in order to absorb what is taught in the class.

Master Alan patiently clarified and proved what conventionally though to be correct in fengshui have no influence in fengshui through actual examples and theories. In fact, sad to say that many celebrated fengshui masters give wrong recommendations to their clients because they did not learn the authentic fengshui but try to combine different fengshui schools method in order to justify the situations.  

After four days of intensive learning, this is no doubt that Xuan Kong Flying Star class lay a solid and correct foundation on authentic fengshui.

I would also like to thank you Master Alan for guiding me on my own house fengshui audit, will seriously consider enrol for Advance Flying Stars Fengshui class (Er Zhai) after the recommendations turn out to be effective.

Whoever wish to learn fengshui or intend to practice in the field should enrolled for the course, where else you can get authentic fengshui knowledge inherit from the legendary Master Zhang Chong San, Master Yen Ben-author for Er Zhai, Master Hong Chuan and many fengshui legend from Wu Chang lineage?

                                          Yeong (Malaysia)

It is my honour and fortune to study Feng Shui with Master Alan from an authentic lineage. He not only impressed us with his skills and knowledge, but also brought lots of laughter from his jovial nature. I like to think of myself learning from him like learning Wing Chun from Ip Man!

Victor Lim (Singapore)

I would like to express my heart felt gratitude and appreciation to Alan for sharing his in-depth Authentic Feng Shui wisdoms. Prior to meeting Alan, I had learned the basic Flying Star course in North America, and have to admit that my previous acquired knowledge not only left me confused, mystified but also practicing the WRONG Feng Shui. 

When I applied what I had previously learned, not only were there no results, but situations in my life had gone from bad to worse. The teacher I had previously learned from had corrupted me with MIXED theories from many different Feng Shui schools, and looking back, I wished I have known sooner. 
I found Alan through his Website and immediately read through his blog and all his students' testimonies. I am truly thankful to all of Alan's students to have the courage to express their heart felt experiences with Alan. I gained the hope and confidence in knowing that there is someone within reach that can teach authentic Feng Shui.  Before enrolling into Alan's course, I was given six questions to determine my level of understanding in authentic Feng Shui. To my surprise, I was unable to answer any of the six questions correctly.  Alan demonstrated patience, sympathy and generosity from his end and comforted me. 
I have no regrets and only heart felt appreciation towards Alan's teaching.  Alan is truly a honest and moral individual, his teachings are 100% aligned with the T'an Yang Wu school unlike my previous teacher, who claimed to be from the T'an Yang Wu school, but the teachings revealed to be a combination of different theories from many different Feng Shui schools. 
I can't stress enough to the world that learning from the right master from the right school is absolutely imperative to avoid wasting time and money, and most importantly, to achieve positive and impactful results through authentic Feng Shui. 
As I have mentioned, I had traveled from North America to Malaysia to learn from Alan and every penny and minute was truly worth it.  Alan was not only a wonderful teacher but he also demonstrated respects for his students.  I am a single woman in a foreign country, Alan ensured that I was safe and well looked after. Each day after class, Alan sacrificed his personal time away from his family to ensure I was well feed and returned safe to my hotel. 
Once again, Sifu (Alan), I am truly thankful for your integrity in teaching and imparting authentic Feng Shui. 
Alan, your innate talent in authentic Feng Shui is heaven sent to touch lives.  My confidence was definitely restored by you, and looking forward to continue my studies  with you. - Hellen
I had our Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui course from Jan. 11 to 14, 2020 with Master Alan Chong. The session was lively and very informative. Although the session was only 4 days, Master Alan teachings was jam-packed with informations on feng shui. I learned a lot not only in class but I was able to go on short excursion, wherein I was taught about on-site feng shui. I went to temple and commercial establishments, where I was instructed to do actual on-site feng shui readings using luopan or feng shui compass. Master Alan was kind and patient all throughout the course of the class. I enjoyed sharing the time with Master Alan not only in class but as a bonus, Master Alan was gracious and hospitable to tour us around Kuala Lumpur especially during lunch break and dinner time, I was able to sample and explore some Malaysian cuisine. The food were delicious and very affordable. Thank you very much Master Alan, your not only a good Master but also a great friend. I will never forget the times shared. Hopefully this will not be the last....your loyal student Ric-PH.
Enhanced Syllabus Testimonial

My foray into the Chinese five arts started close to 15 years ago with the Yijing. Back then I was in university overseas and going through a rough period. I stumbled upon a satchel of copper Yijing coins at a stall during a weekend trip to a city flea market. It soon became my beacon of wisdom and solace during those trying times. Even though I was far from an expert practitioner, the imagery and simplicity of the Yi spoke volumes to me, and my curiosity in Chinese metaphysics was piqued.

After this initial experience, it was a period of limbo in pursuit of knowledge in the metaphysical arts. Not helped by the confusing, trend riding and fickle (fecal?) nature of pop culture, DIY, frozen-microwave-dinner-type feng shui perpetuated by the LilyTwos and the JojoYups of the pantheon of Chinese metaphysics super-marketers.

As my quest for knowledge in authentic feng shui progressed, I guess it was a stroke of "luck" that I chanced upon Master Alan's website after a period of research. In fact, I had messaged a few other "masters" prior. Lucky for me - they never replied, but Master Alan did.

The 4-day XKFS course in the Wu Chang lineage was packed full of valuable, practical and powerful solutions, with simple to follow course notes, verbally presented in a logical, manner by Master Alan. The course material was great, but what was of immense value was the verbal interpretation, and explanation of the lineage trade secrets, some of which were truly profound and will not be found written anywhere.

We also had the chance to practice the theory we learned, through the numerous exercises. The final day practical site visits to a few notable feng shui case study venues were truly a fantastic learning experience. It was amazing to practice what we have learnt in person, on site, and to learn about the real stories of these premises.

Master Alan was also kind enough to fetch a few of us students to class, and even took us to lunch and dinner most days and openly shared his experience in feng shui and bazi. The four days passed by with great discussions about Chinese metaphysics.

Our class of students come from various backgrounds and I believe all have some deep desire to improve some area of our lives. Whether you want to take your knowledge deeper or find a practical life solution, I think this course is a great starting point.

Our sages spoke of 1) Destiny 2) Luck 3) Feng Shui 4) Merits 5) Education. Even though our destinies or luck may not be perfect, and mine is far from perfect - I believe that if you are reading this page now, you are at least in a decent enough luck period to be granted an opportunity to study feng shui with Master Alan. You will leave after the four days having learned about 1), 2), 3) and also cultivate number 5), and perhaps if you share this website to worthy readers, that would be fostering number 4).  :-)

Master Alan, thanks for showing us the ropes, and with the grace of the heavens, I do hope to further deepen my knowledge and skills in this art under your tutelage.

LH, Brunei

New Enhanced Syllabus:

In 1991 I migrated from Malaysia to Canada. I grew up with the British education system, and did not have much of an insight into traditional Chinese arts and sciences except for Jackie Chan kung fu movies.

Three years ago in 2015 March, I was intrigued when I saw a workshop in Vancouver, Canada by a Caucasian Canadian who brought over a Malaysian Master to Vancouver to talk about Feng Shui. I wondered who was this guy that was so famous that he was an invited speaker from Malaysia? And what was the subject about, I had not much understanding, but was curious just to know what the fuss was about. Maybe I was feeling a little nostalgic and missing connection to Malaysia. However, that one decision opened a new set of understanding and tools that have taken me on a remarkable journey in life a little differently than I expected.

Through that course I took various advanced Feng Shui courses with the Malaysian Master and the Canadian Master. They opened my eyes to what was possible and the different teachings available.

However, I did not feel confident yet to practice Feng Shui completely. I had many questions, and many teachings swirling around in my head. By chance I stumbled upon Master Alan Chong’s website on the internet. His writing was quite prolific. He seemed to have advanced knowledge of the questions that I was researching about. I tested a little what he might be like by asking for a Bazi reading. Through that reading, I realized I liked Alan’s style. It was straightforward, and to the point. He seemed to have a strong focus and did not give you many “maybe this” or “maybe that” answers. The answers were clear.

While I felt a little bloated with feng shui knowledge from all the courses I had taken, irregardless, when I heard about Master Alan Chong’s flying star course, I decided to take the plunge, and give it a try. It was a difficult decision, as money was a bit tight, and I felt that I should already know all of this, since I had learned these topics before.

What I realized is that Master Alan Chong is a unique teacher. He is extremely considerate and thoughtful. He pays attention not just when you are in class, by keeping class sizes small and personalized, he also pays attention even before you arrive. He reminds you of what you need to bring, he helps you choose where to stay, and he brings his students around town, so that we can eat together and strengthen our bond, as well as provide opportunities to ask questions.

This amazing experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of Feng Shui with Master Alan Chong’s personalized approach. His small class sizes are worth many feng shui classes, so rather than repeating the same class over and over again, I really feel that I began to understand feng shui much better. He shows you not just what the zhen shen/ling shen (direct/indirect spirit) is for this year, but how the answers are derived. You learn not just to memorize, but to fully understand the concepts.

As well, he provides practice and personal supervision in his small class group, on how to take care and hold your luo pan. Everything from A to Z of what you need to do to complete a feng shui audit is shown. I couldn’t find any missing pieces of the experience Master Alan Chong provided to show you and guide you as a teacher and mentor.

If you decide to learn with Master Alan Chong, you not only will get a faster head start for applying feng shui in a practical manner, you will also learn about the wu chang style of feng shui. That alone; learning the wu chang style of feng shui is a gift in itself. But combined with the knowledge and the experience or learning with Master Alan Chong, the course is well worth it.

- Audrey

A Word From The Heart:
I have always been a strong beliver in Feng Shui. Since my first home, i have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.

This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and Im grateful things start to improve over time.

This event has prompted me to learn from him. I hope one day with the skill and knowledge acquired, Im able to help others.

So, why do i want to learn him? I guess the answer is obvious. He has proved to me, with positive effect in my current house. Next, his skill comes from proven and authentic lineage. This is very important as i do not wish to learn from some self claimed Master whom does DIY, self learning from books and without a recognised lineage.

The course itself is structure and informative, telling alot about why this and that, making the understanding meaningful.
There are also relevant life examples n case studies which help to make learning purposeful.
There is one very critical part of the course - Oral Secret. This differentiator make the true master.
Feng Shui Myth - Master Alan has all answers to those, made by DIY Master.

As a newbie, i personally find it overwhelming. But, thanks to his patience, i would say he manage to clear all my doubts and queries
[of course one has to be sincere and show faith in his Feng Shui method].

To those out there whom are still searching for Authentic Feng Shui, I urge you to have a word with Master Alan, be it his course or Feng Shui audit. Im sure he will be able to fill you up. Enroll or engage and you will not regret (dont expect miracle from feng shui remedy. This is not God's act. But sure to see positive result).
Thanks Master Alan for your guidance. 
Liew WY, S'Pore

Xuan Kong Flying Star course is a powerful method that allows one to accurately predict what will happen to a house with a particular internal arrangement and external landform. Of course, with the right knowledge of this method, one can design a house with good Feng Shui quality ensuring that everyone living in this house would benefit from the good Qi. With this regards, I would like to pay a sincere gratitude to Master Alan Chong for teaching the Authentic Flying Star course. I am so blessed for having the opportunity to learn from Master Alan who is 5th generation of the Wu Chang lineage.
This is the first ever Feng Shui course I have taken and sure enough, the only course I will always stick with. The course provides a solid foundation in Flying Star as students are trained to manually plot the chart and clearly understand the fundamental essence of this ancient art of Feng Shui. What is so special about the course is that Master Alan has given his all in explaining the students and makes sure that everyone understands each lesson before moving to the next. His patience is so much appreciated.
Moreover, learning from Master Alan is an eye-opening experience as he shares his insights in Feng Shui, especially what is reality and what is just a myth. There is no concealing in teaching as Master Alan is willing to share everything he knows about Feng Shui. More importantly, students are allowed to consult with Master Alan after the course completed on any points related to the lessons which they are not clear about, ensuring that there must be no doubts after the class.
Surely, completing only one course cannot guarantee one to be a Feng Shui master/consultant; subsequent courses must be taken with an appropriate time interval. Coupled with real-life practices definitely will make one an experienced Feng Shui master/consultant. The Art of Destiny is therefore a true birthplace of Feng Shui masters. Be part of the Wu Chang lineage in spreading the Authentic Feng Shui!
Jackie Mao (Cambodia)
Yeah!!!! My first step into the world of Feng Shui! Took me a while to choose which course to attend....but today I can say that I am very happy and satisfied! Exactly what I was looking for! The true, essential Feng Shui. (Fengshui Mechanics) Alan Chong's teaching skills are amazing! He shares his knowledge with devotion and passion going way beyond details and explanations expected. His patience and care for the individual students is admirable. He's humour and lighthearted character add a special touch to the lessons. 
So what can I say if not...THANK YOU Alan!!!....and now best I start practicing!!!! So much to absorb and master....a long long interesting journey awaits! -
Liana, Italy

Master Alan is able to turn complex ideas into easily understandable ones. I am a complete novice, but he has been able to give me a deeper appreciation of the science of Feng Shui. I appreciate this new found knowledge from a lineage teacher.

~ Vincent Kessler (Singapore)

Great knowledge and a great teacher! 
That's to sum my experience taking Alan's Flying Star Basic Course. The knowledge imparted inside and outside the class is really valuable. Yes! We didn't just sit all day in class, but we also got the chance to practice the theories. Moreover, the theories are consistent, they support each other, thus saving you from confusion.
In short, it has been one of my greatest experience.
Meilia - Indonesia
Alan Chong Feng Shui Flying Star programme is really mind blowing. The “wow” factor is the integration of various theories and concepts studied earlier and how it is applied as we journeyed into a famous shopping mall , students’ double storey terrace house and an apartment. At one goal, the complexity of apartment audit is now crystal clear as opposed to various theories derived from other sources. He is able to provide evidential occurrence as to whether the methodology taught is proven correct as he juxtaposition the “81 combinations” to the respective sectors or palaces of the flying star chart.. Not only is he able to diagnose the negative symptoms but he is able to offer practical “classical” solutions to the problem.
By using his “enhanced” luopan, Alan is able to lead us to new ways of thinking and simplified the whole horrendous ordeal of plotting the flying star chart. The systematic and visual imaging methods not only improve one’s method of remembering the technicalities of the contents but makes the training fun.

From the personal perspective , Alan Chong is very generous in divulging all information relating to the course. He is able to add value by providing additional information and “secrets” that is not listed in the course syllabus. Depending on the situation, he is willing to extend the time duration beyond what is prescribed in the course outline. His patience to slow learners is awesome as he ensure that everyone follow the course.
Following the reasoning of Jonathan Rottenberg, I do agree that Alan’s training makes me uneasy as the practical session is the hardest part of this training but it ends with a happy mystery!
Perhaps, Alan is practicing what Orson Scott Card said “ The essence of training is to allow error without consequence”
YY Yee (KL, Malaysia)

Long time ago I started a Feng shui way.

This is a path that bring me to know 100 master and different schools of thoughts.
All of the schools have some secrets and all of the school have some hidden points that when you arrive to practical use
nobody explain you what to do…. Bcus is only theoretical Feng shui and those master never practice before.

My experiences in the course with Alan was amazing he explain very detailed with a lot of examples and a lot of ideas
he is not hidding any secret and goes deep into situation that other master avoid to go
for example ” how many star in the same room” how to approach a one small room apartment, etc

Also is interesting how he explain classics and how to review some foundation.
Some times a basic foundation explain in different way bring new knowledge and new way for the interpretation of feng shui.

Dear Alan please go ahead with the school and please b sure that the time in your school is high value for me and futures generation of people that will attend your course.

Alex S. Costa (Italy)

This is one of the most methodical courses I have attended and Alan is a very good teacher making sure his students thoroughly understand each level before he moves on to the next stage by making us do little tests in class and checking it at every stage. It was fast paced but slow enough that you could understand each step. I would not hesitate to attend any course that he may teach.

Liz (Australia)

I've been studying and reading up on Feng Shui for some years now, and before the class I actually listed down a bunch of questions on the subject which has confused me for some time. I'm glad to say that practically all of the previous doubts I had have been answered, and then some. Of course I now have new and different type of questions, but this is only the beginning of the journey! The class is structured effectively, in a step-by-step manner to guide the student from the fundamentals to the practical application of Flying Star Feng Shui. The practical site visits were particularly eye-opening, as it really shows how an audit is done and how the actual land forms are like. Thanks Alan for a great experience!

Gary Chew Sarawak

Post Class Activities

Brought students to further deepen their knowledge in Feng Shui in our one of our Lineage master's temple in Singapore. They learn what is really Feng Shui and what are just folklore stories, what is know as "different angle same degrees" & it's significance in Feng Shui etc...Read on here...
From the Co-Author of Winds of Change
Practical training is very important and we do it even at this class to prepare future Feng Shui Masters.

Read Our Graduate Student's Achievement Here:

Case 1

If you want to be graduate to be a capable Feng Shui Consultant that able to produce results, this is the school for you.

This course is designed for students with strong interest in authentic Feng shui.
  1. You are new to feng shui.
  2. You have learnt but have not got results or worse still, got into trouble.
  3. To improve your ability and consistency to get results.
  4. You want to improve your yearly luck.
  5. You are looking for a new house.

This course is better than most other advance course. Why? This is a very focused course. This is where the depth is. Most courses teaches many different subjects, thus you will have the breath but lack the depth. This is where the danger is - being half past six. Precisely, why most people do not have good mid to long term results, if they are lucky not to get into trouble.

Some students ask me "Why should I take courses from you when other graduates are offering cheaper?" Well, I can only say there are many students, who claims they too are students of the graduates, sends me questions privately. My friend, everything has it's own value & you don't get to be a license instructor for out of nothing. Value the knowledge for it can make more for you than saving the peanuts and get monkey.

With the Depth & Lineage knowledge, no wonder it is powerful!

Would you part good knowledge for peanuts? If you think you are getting a bargain with M1 & M2 think again. We are talking about Feng Shui skills not some tangible products.

~ Master Alan Chong



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